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Gift cards should be available to people upgrading their phones as well. Gives more incentive to stick with Koodo and not switch providers.
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I agree Kailie, unfortunately Koodo customers are uppgrading lot of times, Gift cars are only intended to new customers. cross your finger and wait for Koodo to change his way of dealing with existing customers!
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i agree i picked up a new phone last night and was tempted to just open a new line and cancel my current one.

Even id we just got half of what is provided to a new customer it would be good.
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That would be really cool!
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It would be nice to offer this to existing customers as well but I guess Koodo really wants to "pull in" new customers.

You could always add a second line with the phone/plan selected and receive the giftcard, then cancel your first/original line.
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I've gotten it a couple times by calling them & asking nicely. Not always, but still.
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As a Koodo dealer, I can say that there are people that cancel their current line and start as a "new" customer to get the perks that come with that. Especially if they don't have a big tab available and they would be spending almost the same amount on the upgrade. It's a shame you don't get a least something! Maybe not the same as a new customer, but a little somethin'-somethin'.
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The gift card incentive is being abused, in my opinion. I've heard from friends of friends that they activate the service, get the gift card, cancel the service within a couple weeks, keep the gift card. I always thought there were guidlines for the cards. Isn't Koodo losing money as a result of this?
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If people return their phone within the 14 day period, they need to give back the gift cards (or at least the store should be asking for it back).

For those cancelling after the 14 day period, well have fun with the $150 tab that's going to be charged to your account and you probably WILL lose money reselling the phone and then you have to pay for at least the month of service if not longer. The person would make little to no money in the end. And for online orders, the gift card isn't sent until 4-6 weeks after activation.

I don't think they lose as much as one would think and I don't think this problem is as widespread because anyone doing scenario number 2 is definetly not the smartest person in the world
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Stop charging $2 for a paper bill. I'm a customer, a loyal customer, and I think it sucks that I have to pay 2 dollars for a paper bill. Koodo should be glad to have my business and treat me the same as my credit card companies and banks. I hope they will have a broad enough mind to compete at the level of the tier 1's one day.
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You're only a couple of mouse clicks away from Koodo's self serve portal. You can opt to go paperless and save the $2 charge.
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I like the $2 charge, kind of an environmental incentive. Koodo is always pushing the envelop of change and modernism, I agree with the charge.
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An alternative other people have proposed is rather than "punishing" those who want paper bills with a $2 fee, they should reward those who opt for electronic bills with a discount (of... $2 I suppose). Net result is nearly identical, but conceptually might be easier for people to swallow. As an e-bill guy, I'm indifferent.
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*warning - rambling ahead*

I believe there are policy guidelines for the gift cards or it's face value to be charged on the final bill if service is not maintained for a certain amount of time to help prevent abuse.

I also realize the option to open a new line and cancel one but it is still a hassle to participate on an incentive that way and I don't necessarily demand an equal incentive as an existing customer than the ones to attract new but something for staying and upgrading with Koodo (by using the Tab and thus stay on as an existing customer) would be worthwhile.

As much as I have enjoyed Koodo service and plan options, a competitor carrier is offering an incentive to switch for a comparable plan/coverage (actually the rate plan is better and it usually waives the final 6months of an existing contracts to allow earlier device upgrades) so I can get my remaining Tab cleared from the competitor's incentive credit and upgrade to a new device. If Koodo offered me a loyalty credit for each consecutive month as a customer (up to a fixed maximum and accumulates/adjusts with every upgrade like a loyalty Tab) I would upgrade my device right now with my available Tab credit and stay a happy Koodo customer. As it is now, I am eyeing the upcoming Galaxy S5 release to timing of the competitor's current promotional incentive billing credit for switching to them from other carriers ...

I do not consider the % of bill or monthly contribution to the Tab balance to be a loyalty credit as it is pretty much equivalent to the device credit/subsidy that other carriers calculate on new device activations that gets charge on the final bill for early cancellation (plus other early termination fees). I do enjoy the Tab concept and method which Koodo is the main provider offering it as Virgin mobile stopped. The new consumer regulations have helped limit final charges for early term cancellations but still not as streamline as the Tab methodology.
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The account must be active for 30 days to not be charged the gift card amount.
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It's probably Fido, isn't it? They usually allow "free" upgrades within the last 6 months, but they aren't paying out your existing Tab unless there's a gift card offer, as Mobile Shop does have a bunch of those going around right now.

I'm assuming you're also talking about the $39 Standard plan, right in between the $37 and $42 plans Koodo offers? I don't blame you for that one, but Fido's plans are only until March 12th... and the S5 won't be released until April, at which point all of the offers may be different, and judging from how expensive the S4 was, expect the S5 to be higher.

Koodo doesn't do any kind of credits/discounts/retention plans. If you want to talk to the loyalty department and see if they'll do anything to help you out with your existing Tab balance for you to upgrade, then you have nothing to lose by doing that...
i agree taht it is VERY unfair for existing customers to not qualify to some of the new benifits or cards whatever the insentive all customers should b treated equaly and the same not just new customers! koodo is by far the best company i have used for cell phones and cost and how i am treated but i agree that koodo needs to b the one company that stays different by allowing all customers an insentive to stay with koodo something as easy as $5 dollars of free calling or data or something like that once a yr during promotions for new costomers! that way everyone gets something and then exixting customers are kept happy! rogers used to do that with me bc i had their prepaid cell for 5 yrs they gave me $10 bucks of free calling everytime i topped up! then offered me a new cell on month to month bc i was moving and switching! i admit that altho koodo is a great company they need to change some policies to keep existing costomers happy! a happy costomer stays and spreads word to create more sales for the company they are praising!
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I would like to talk to the Loyalty Dept. My granddaughter set up my phone and I do not think I got any gift for opening the account and my daughter gave me her old Koodo phone since she got an upgrade.My name is Alice Taylor
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The gift is if you buy a new phone on a new activation. If you got a line using a hand me down phone, there isn't any bonus other than a 10% discount on your plan.
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I agree that the gift cards for new customers and nothing for existing - is a really bad idea. If you have been with Koodo for 24 months - then there should be an offer of at least 50 % of what you want to give to attract a new customer. Or a discounted phone price (it is particularly galling that the Nexus 5 can be purchased unlocked for $350 but Koodo wants $500 for a locked phone - It just shows how much money they are making on the handsets.... buying in bulk with std markup - I expect that Koodo / Telus is buying the Nexus 5 for under $290!)
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Zaphod Beeblebrox

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The Nexus 5 is not locked...not with any provider.
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First what Zaphod said.

Second everyone was new at some point, everyone had the opportunity for a free gift at some point. You should be with Koodo for the services provided, not because they keep giving you free stuff. Honestly I can't think of a business where it's good for anyone repeatedly giving things away.

Also in your Nexus argument it is certainly a much better deal to just buy it from Google and not use the tab. Even if you were to use Tab S you're getting it for the same price. Without a tab you get 10% off your bill. No real reason to use a Tab for the Nexus but it's there for people who want it. There's no guarantee Koodo/Telus/anyone else (yes all carriers have the same pricing for the Nexus) pay as cheap as $290. Google is also in it for the money and likely makes more profit from the carriers than it does from the end users they sell to directly.
i dissagree i live in huntsville ontario and my favorite store the nutty chocolatier does a easter egg hunt for the kids every easter and they spend a good $
25, 000.00 dollars on chocolate and candy for the kids and that is giving away free stuff and not just to "new customers" all kids from any nationality and any background income or whatever any child from anywhere as long as they are under 12 yrs can partisipate and get free chocolate and candy and they make so much more money since starting it in 2000. their profits have doubled since they began "giving free" to every customer! and the thing about the easter egg hunt is u dont have to make a purchase at the store in order to partisipate the only requirement is that u are under 12 yrs age and are acompanied by a parent or guardian! so if this tiny little franchise can make huge profits off giving a egg hunt to kids y cant more companies do the same
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Because Easter Eggs != Cell phones. The two are VERY different companies. Plus that's a once a year thing. The Gift Card is all year round.
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this is a great idea and could be worked on and made viable.
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They should encourage current customers to try new services as the incentive.

If you have been with them for 36 months they should look at your usage and plan and offer you something that you aren't currently using at a discount. They can do this best by getting partners to provide the goodies and possibly share the marketing costs..

"We see you haven't purchased any apps - subscribed to any news feeds - used much data -
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Koodo doesn't do discounts or retention plans but I understand where you're coming from...
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I have been watching the BIG 3 companies and looking into all they offer...There is No way in heck "They"  can compete with all Koodo does as of today. I`ll stay with Koodo as long as the terms and conditions I signed up for stay the far as I can whining here.
I do how ever agree that if I want to upgrade I should not have to pay in cash my small outstanding balance on my old phone I should be able to run it into my new one..Now that is an incentive.
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you can always call customer service and ask nicely that you've been a koodo customer for a long time and that your thinking of switching to a different company. Sometimes the reps will give a free $50 credit on your tab to be able to buy another phone at a discount. I've done this last week to buy a Iphone 5C. Got $50 off for free. And the store gave me free accessories as a loyal customer
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I completely agree with Kailie on this.
Giving gift cards to an existing customer who is upgrading definitely does keep existing customers happy and provide them a sense of belonging.
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I agree, existing customer should get some kind of loyalty benefit. Otherwise if they got the better plan they will switch to other carrier.
My suggestion Like discount on new tabs, monthly discount, more minutes or data. Especially if the user always paying his/her bill in time.

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Now same thing is happening again, Koodo offering some phones only for new customers like

Alcatel ONETOUCH IdolTM , Free $100 bonus gift when you buy at participating Koodo Shops or Retail partner locations. Only available with new activations on the Tab. While quantities last. Bonus gift may vary by retail partner and Koodo Shops locations.
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I agree with this completely, I've had people completely switch providers and say to me that its because KOODO is more focused on getting new customers that they have lost touch with their existing customers and forget about them completely because they have them "locked in" (not in a contract sense, but because some people cannot afford to pay off their Tab), maybe if the customer has their phone for two years without upgrading they will have more incentive to stay if they were offered some sort of "anniversary" gift or thank you, or even maybe at one year. Who knows.
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I agree. New customer only incentives make me immediately look at other companies offers to compare. Looking at upgrading my phone soon, and have been with koodo for almost three years. While I'm happy with them in general, the fact that they offer up to $150 to new customers but not loyal customers makes me wonder if switching isn't the best deal. I'll look what other companies have to offer before renewing
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Bigger brother Telus gives out coupons for services. and on the island over there gives out discounts at H&M and other retailers. I would love to see Koodo doing something like that. Something as simple as a coupon per invoice for something completely unrelated to cell phones will definitely very happy. At least it will make me feel like "I got this because I'm with Koodo"

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