Just wondering if Koodo will do a Price match ?

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im just wondering if i could get a new iphone 6 but im just wondering if you guys do price match . Bell and Telus and Rogers r doing a deal right now for the iphonie 6 16 gb for 99 dollars and if u trade in your old phone u get it for 49 dollars im just wondering if i can get a price match done? thanks and hope to hear from you soon
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Posted 4 years ago

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Bell, Rogers and telus all force youbtonsign up for a minimum of a $70 plan so what might seem like a good deal will actually cost you more than with koodo over the 2 years the contracts are with robellus. So, I doubt koodo would match since they are already cheaper if you account for everything you need.
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so im looking at 300 dollars for the new iphone 6 then am i right? so i could just go over to virgin and get it for 99 dollars . i no its a 2 year contract but thats what koodo has done in the past to . so i dont understand why they wont price match maybe i should call them
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Just calculate how much you would have to pay after 24 month.
Upfront price + plan price x24= total
They want you sign up with minimum $70 plan. You can pick any data plan with Koodo.

Example from your info,
The others : $99 upfront + $70 plan x 24 = $1779
Koodo with Tab M : $475 upfront + [($45 plan +$5 tab charge) x 24]= $1675
You can even pick cheaper plan with Koodo. Or even if you pick $50 plan, still end price is $1795

Also you can compare what included in your plan. Do you need more talk minutes,more data and overage charge.
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Your numbers aren't convincing since most people don't want to drop $475 up front. However, I would advise anyone thinking of going to Bell to STAY AWAY!!! They have awful service, awful support and are crooked to boot. I was with them and was making a lot of long distance calls that my plan covered. One Bell agent called me to get me to resign and get a new phone, and she told me my plan expired in September a year from then, However, the following year my phone bills went up to $450, and when I called Bell for answers, I was not given any, and when I insisted on answers as to why my bill was so high, which is understandable, I was put on hold for 25 minutes. Knowing that they were just trying to get me to hang up, I stayed on line. Eventually someone picked up the phone and hung up in my face immediately. When i got the time, i called back as my bill was still very high. 2-3 calls later, eventually I got someone who was more helpful, and told me that Bell cancelled my plan in February of that year and tried to get me to resign a new contract, but as I was no longer on contract at that point, Bell was charging me full price. The kicker was that several Bell agents ASSURED me that in the even my plan was finished, I would continue at the same rate as the plan I had been on. All lies and BS. My friend on Bell cries daily that he wants out of Bell so bad but will be forced to pay over $400 to do so. NEVER AGAIN WILL I SIGN WITH BELL!! I WARN EVERYONE TO STAY AWAY!!! I've never seen a happy Bell customer, they're the bottom of the barrel.
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You're not the only one. I hope koodo will satisfy your needs and who knows? Maybe your friend's needs too
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We're getting off-topic quickly, but one thing leads to another.

Price match?

If I ask 10 consumers how much they paid for their car, probably only one will know the agreed-upon cash price. The economy would grind to a halt if everyone had to pay cash up front.

The rest will figure it's $4xx per month on a lease since they could never fork over that much cash for a new car at once. Especially enticing when the first payment or two are waived. The initial down payment can be minimized while we pad the monthly payment for only pennies a day.

When the lease is over, we go thru the same rigamoarole all over again.

Nobody takes into account the cost of fuel, maintenance, insurance, other consumables such as tires, plating fees, etc.

Now let the govt accountants loose on your car and it will cost you all of the above, plus interest, depreciation, residual value, rental replacement while vehicle is in shop, etc.

Anyone wanna buy an F35 from me? I can quote you a terrific price.
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The reason why Koodo isn't usually able to match prices like this is because of the difference in their subsidy model. With Koodo its set that all you can put on your tab is either $150, $300, or $500. So to get a discount on a phone like the iPhone 6, Koodo has to actually offer money off the phone cost, since you cannot exceed those preset tab amounts.

With other carriers, it doesn't take much for them to change the price of the phone, because they can slide that extra savings into the device balance. So with say Rogers, you can get like 6-700 off the device price, so yes you pay less in store, but if you ever decide to cancel, that balance is going to come back to haunt you.

Lastly, the deal you mentioned talks about a trade in of your phone. Now very few companies will give you true value when your trading in a phone. So depending on what phone you currently have, you may be able to sell it yourself on Kijiji, and get more money towards your new iPhone than what the big 3 are offering.

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