I've been sent to COLLECTIONS when I'm NOT even a Koodo customer

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I have been referred to a collection agency for a bill of $106.81 when I DON'T EVEN HAVE AN ACCOUNT WITH KOODO!!!!! I've never got a bill other than a "reminder to top up" which I ignored because I didn't have a Koodo account. Now I've been slapped with a collection notice. I don't even have a Koodo phone let alone an account yet these people have my billing information. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance guys.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I would call Koodo at 1-866-995-6636 or 647-788-4337 (option 5 for customer service), and ask them what is going on.

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Thanks for your help.......I'm going to do that....I just can't understand how they would be able to charge me when I 've never had an account with Koodo and never even had one of their phones in my life! All I can think of is that maybe the guy at the kiosk where I bought another Rogers plan and changed my current Rogers plan over to a different Rogers plan may have done something. When I realized that he had not done what he led me to believe he had done as per my requests, I went back to see him as Rogers said he would have to fix it. The guy remembered me and the sale but insisted that the kiosks didn't have the "authority" to fix it and I would have to go through Rogers. I suggested we phone Rogers together as they were both passing the buck to one another and he told me that they were not allowed to call Rogers from the kiosk and I would have to do that from my own home. It's over an hours' drive (one way) to go in to see this guy and I told him that but he still insisted he couldn't help me and that I'd have to call Rogers. So I called Rogers and they informed me that the kiosk's actually have a direct line to Rogers specifically for problems etc. So I'm thinking maybe something fishy may have gone on there as he is the only person that I dealt with regarding changing or adding a phone plan and the kiosk where he was working sold for all different kinds of companies. My "reminder to top up" came shortly after my first dealing with this guy at the kiosk. Sadly, I thought I had it all straightened out when I went through Rogers. Now I have a collection and a bill that I don't owe to deal with.
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By the sounds of it Rogers is the ones to blame and the ones who made the mistake not koodo, it sounds like the Rogers kiosk worker did something wrong if you've actually never had an account with koodo at all. I'd be looking at Rogers as they've screwed me very bad in the past with their errors and they wouldn't take responsibility for their error at all when it's their systems that are at fault in my case and probably yours as well.
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Your personal vendetta with Rogers has really made for some interesting stories but I love that you honestly think this has something to do with Rogers. Karen, I hope everything works out but it's obvious you've been a victim of identity theft; and I think it will. Koodo has a history of making things right
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So you received communications from Koodo indicating that there was an account in your name, and rather than calling them to dispute this fact, you decided to ignore it? I find it hard to see how Koodo is at fault for your failure to dispute a fraudulent account.
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Koodo IS at fault regardless of when or how often I followed up on the "account",when there should never have been an account in the first place. Koodo IS at fault because they charged me for a product/service that I did not request or receive. That is solely Koodo's fault, not mine. It is Koodo's responsibility to bill the appropriate person who requests/receives their services, Not to arbitrarily send out bills, threats, and reports to credit bureaus on people who did not contact or contract Koodo for ANY of their services or products. The onus is on Koodo to conduct their business in a responsible manner, not for me to play "police" for fear of being slapped with a collection notice on an account that should not have existed in the first place.

I received one "reminder" to top up my account after changing my plan at Rogers....the "reminder" was on Rogers letterhead but when I called the phone number I got Koodo........I called Rogers and all was fine with my accounts so I figured everything was ok. Given that the problems with my accounts with Rogers had finally been fixed.......this included numerous followups with Rogers after a one hour (one way) trip to the kiosk to speak to the guy that sold me the plan I was finally satisified that the problems had been fixed and there was no further correspondence from Koodo so it appeared that everything had been fixed..........until now when I received notice that they've put me in collections. This was not my fault, nor should I have to pay a bill that isn't mine or have my credit score suffer because someone has not done their job properly. It is too easy to blame the victum........it should not be my "problem" that Koodo is making mistakes and not providing very good follow through. At the very least, there should have been some advance warning so I COULD follow up again instead of being content in the knowledge that everything had been looked after when in fact it had not. Given the behaviour of the seller, I can only wonder if this is a case of stolen identity. I WILL get to the bottom of it. Unfortunately, getting Koodo to undo the damage to ones credit report is a slow and very frustrating experience.
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Your credit rating is your responsibility. It's not fair sometimes, but that's how it is in the end. Mistakes, and fraud/identity theft happen unfortunately and it's better to resolve things sooner rather than later. Best of luck to you in getting everything sorted out.
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can i ask in what form they sent the request that you top up?
was it like a letter request or email?
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Thanks for taking the time to help me. I had just changed my plan with Rogers (and added another) and the "reminder) to "top up" came on Rogers letterhead but the customer service number said "welcome to Koodo" when I called. So I called Rogers, they had made a mistake with setting up my new plans by only setting up one instead of adding the second one I requested. We straightened that problem out and I didn't hear anything more from Koodo until the notice that I'm in collections.
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The notice was sent on paper in the form of a letter on "Rogers" letterhead
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Is it not possible that someone stole your identity and ran up a bill? Did you go to a Rogers kiosk or one of those kiosks that handles multiple companies? It's possible the Rep accidentally set you up with an account with Rogers and Koodo.

Nonetheless, call Koodo and use your nice and calm words and get this straightened out.

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