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Hi all. I'm an ancient Koodo customer (since ~2007) and have always been happy with my old Samsung clamshell phone, but it seems it will no longer cut the mustard for the upcoming network upgrade.

A few weeks ago I got an email that said as follows:


We're upgrading to the HSPA network. Make sure to upgrade your phone before September 30, 2016 – you can get either a free Alcatel A392CC or a $50 discount on any new device!

Your phone's network will be shut down on January 31, 2017.


I'm grudgingly willing to upgrade to the A392CC, and yeah, I've been dragging my feet on this, yet with time running out, I still have a few questions and concerns.

1) The email seems to imply I need to pick up my free A392CC at a Koodo store. I'm in a rural location and there are no Koodo stores nearby. Can't I just order the phone online and have it shipped to me?

2) The email states the A392CC is free. What exactly does "free" mean?  Is it "free" as in it literally costs me nothing, or "free" as in its $100 value will come off my tab the same way it would otherwise (I have a full Classic Tab S with $150 on it)?

3) I understand that the A392CC requires a SIM card that will cost me an extra $10. Can I pay that with my tab?

4) I'm on a stringent budget and my needs are simple. Currently I'm on the Canada Wide Talk & Text 25 plan. Will this upgrade alter my monthly expenses in any way?

5) Lastly, when I tried to download the PDF user's manual for the A392CC I got a manual for the A392A instead. Is there any difference?

Thanks for any clarification(s) to the above.

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Posted 2 years ago

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1. Yes

2. I'd say free is free. Otherwise it would say something like $0 on tab

3. No the tab is strictly for phones.

4. I want to say yes you will have to get a current market plan but don't quote me. I switched from cdma to hspa while I wa with Telus and they allowed a full transfer except for unlimited data plans so you could very well actually get to keep your plan. I'm sure an employee will be able to answer that. If so, you have the 25 and 30 dollar plans you see in koodomobile.com
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5. The Alcatel 392A is also known as the Alcatel 392, Alcatel A392T and Alcatel A392CC. The specs are identical.

A392A pdf manual

A392CC pdf manual
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@ Gilgamesh, the phone is really free for you. You can also keep your existing plan. To get the phone free you do have to go to a store, unless you are willing to pay the price online and we would reimburse you on your bill for the cost. I hope this helps with your questions!
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Let me know if you choose to buy online so we could reimburse you.
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Okay. Thanks everyone for your replies. I had to take a drive out to one of the bigger nearby communities this morning where they have a Walmart. At the time I only had Goran's reply to go on, but with that knowledge in hand, I got everything sorted. Here's how it worked out for my own questions 2-4.

2) Yes, the phone was truly free.

3) No idea why, but instead of $10, the SIM card only set me back $5 (+tax). Yay! I'll take any pleasant surprises I can get.

4) Yes, I get to keep my same plan. The Koodo rep at Walmart said something like the change is being filed under "simple hardware upgrade/replacement".

@rikkster regarding my question #5: Yeah, I figured the phones were probably the same, as did the rep at Walmart. Thanks for providing those links though. I appreciate that.

Anyway, the A392 is all set up. It's charging at the moment and I haven't had time to play with it yet. Its start up guide says it has a 3+ hour charging cycle — Wow! That's a stretch. My little Samsung charges in 2 hours on the nose. Also, I'm going to miss the Samsung's secondary front display with its nice, clear, bright clock. Ah, well, c'est la vie...

Again, thanks to everyone for your assistance. There isn't a way to change my subject line to say [SOLVED] on here like on other tech forums, is there? Somebody should add that.
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Thanks for the very thorough response. Glad all worked out fine. I marked the thread as answered now. Thanks again Gilgamesh!