is there actually anything covered under the warranty? what am i paying for, then?

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I have the Nexus 4, which was sold to me when my Samsung - which was within warranty at the time - crapped out. I was assured that it was within warranty but due to the hassle of my being a remote customer, it would be easier to up my tab and get the Nexus 4 instead, as it could take weeks to get the phone fixed via mail.

They didn't say the Nexus 4 is slicker than a greased pig! I had a cover on it for safety but it heats up way too much which worried me, so I left the cover off, intending to look up an alternative next time I was in the city. The phone is *so* slippery that it literally slid off a table just from the vibrations of people walking back and forth. No, it was not on the edge - there was at least a foot of clear space between it and the edge of the table. I saw it moving by itself just as it reached the edge but before I could get to it, over it went.

I just reviewed the warranty and frankly, I can't think of anything that would be covered other than my Samsung's mysterious "just stopped working" (it won't charge even with a brand new battery).

I've had this phone only a few months and my tab is still sky high. I certainly don't have hundreds of dollars to spend on a new phone and without a landline, I'm screwed.

I'm bitterly disappointed.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Rocky Balboa

  • 20,414 Points 20k badge 2x thumb are basically blaming Koodo for your phone sliding and dropping on the floor? Physical damage is NOT covered by warranty. You can get a samsung discover at $100 out of pocket(or any cheaper model). Your tab will continue will keep getting paid monthly. Otherwise, bill yourself out for the tab balance and use the tab again towards another phone. These are the only options you have so the decision is now up to you.
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What's your question, exactly? Or are you just complaining about the Nexus 4?

I'm sorry that the phone is too slippery for you but if that's the problem at hand, there's nothing anyone can do for you. That's just personal opinion.

If there is a problem with the actual hardware, you can also send it in for a free warranty repair within 1 year of purchase.
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It's Samsung who writes up what is covered under the warranty, but you can see why physical damage (even unintended) would not be covered.

Koodo would have sent you a replacement if you had mailed it in when the heating up started.

In any case I would try my luck with Samsung (they will try you say you go back to your phone company, but that's plane BS. tell them you are going to buy an iphone) given they manufactured the phone.
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The warranty covers problems related to manufacturing defects, such as software problems, touchscreens which stop working, backlights which stop working, buttons that no longer function as they should, charging problems, etc. If you can't think of anything that would be covered you need to think a lot harder. Oh, and invest in a level. There's no way a phone moves 12 inches to fall off a level table just because someone walks past it.
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You are too funny! That said start using emoticons cause not everyone gets your sense of humour. :-) A smiley will help. :-)
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Hi Timo, I agree with Chris :) Thank you both for your help and dedication!
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Moral of this story take more care of your hardware as phones aren't cheap now a days.

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