Is the new Tab System fair?

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Basically I'm going to upgrade towards a new phone, but the new tab system feels a bit cheap. My plan as of right now is $40 that I've been paying for the past 2-3 years and will take a certain % of the plan and contributes towards my old tab (pays off roughly $10/month). 

Now I recently visited a Koodo store and I had a full understanding of the new tab system. What I don't get is how does this benefit for me as a customer since the new tab system will add more money on top of my plan as suppose to literally take some % of the plan towards paying it off and not adding on top of it.

Now since I am eligible to get the new plans since my tab balance is $0, my only option to match my initial $40 a month is to get the crappy $30 plan + the $15 monthly with the moto x play, which will cost me $45. Not only will I pay more but will have overall less data (100mb as opposed to 400mb).

At this point I don't know since I don't want to change carriers since I still believe Koodo has the best service/price ratio out of all the cheap carriers.
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The plans with Fido and Virgin are pretty much the same as Koodo. They just have the "old" subsidy system where the cost of the phone is built into the price of the plan.

The new Tab system Koodo put out is supposed to show people the true cost of owning handsets. It works, but it does negatively affect customers on the old system who want to upgrade. You'll have to take a higher plan to continue using the minutes/data you want with an upgraded device. There's really no way around it.

You could always buy the device outright or put less down on the Tab initially but that's about it.
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I appreciate all the info but truth is, I can't keep my plan. My plan includes a $6 (minimum) tab contribution, so a new phone that costs $15 on the tab should cost me $9. Two koodo reps told me the contribution goes away no matter what, so in effect a $15 tab charge costs me $21 to supposedly "keep my plan"
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Les, your 6$ minimum tab contribution would also go away, all you would pay is the 15$ tab charge
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The $6 is what I'm earning each month as a credit since my phone is paid off. I don't want it to go away
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Oh, so you are receiving 10% discount? 
In that case, if you buy a phone outright (without tab), you can keep your plan and 10%
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No, not receiving a discount. My $39 plan included 15% towards my original moto g. The phone is paid off but I still pay $39, just now accumulating a positive tab balance.

That will change when I upgrade. So although they say I can keep my plan, reality is that I can keep my payment but they get an automatic 15% increase.
And that's not the same plan.
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yup koodo exodus. people so pissed off they want to pay more elsewhere just to teach Koodo a lesson.

and your right, we do pay the full cost of the phone, mark ups all. Old system or new!
So why the complaints?

old system tierd to tabs , up to 3 years.
and your right again, we paid full price of the phone then as we do today.

so what's changed? no more 3 year contracts that's the law. What else changed? No more old tab system. But why? Doesn't matter why, your still paying, full cost of the phone, you just can't pay it over 3 years now, that's the law.

So again, why the complaints? Under old system you could pay up front costs and go on small tab. Pay up front costs and go on medium tab and pay up front costs and go on large tab.

So what didn't change? You can still pay the up front costs of your $1000.00 phone and put it a tab that allows you to keep your grandfathered plan.

the only thing that changed is how you pay the full cost of your phone. is that what the issue is, people actually thought that Koodo was actually paying off 15% of the customers phone?
new tab system really adds up rate plan by 15-20 $. Also doesn't give positive tab after paying off and not even the bill credit.
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Unfortunately the old system has been replaced with the new system and the old system no longer exists.

And with all due respect, the price of everything has gone up or in the process of going up.

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