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Hi there!
I am currently with Telus and I am wanting to switch to Koodo ASAP. Would anyone be able to tell me what I have to do to switch to Koodo? Please provide me with all the information I need to know. What are the fees/activation fee with Koodo? I will be using my Iphone 5C that I currently have so I won't need to get a phone with Koodo as I have one already. I am also wondering if I can bring my Iphone 5C to Koodo and get them to unlock it and get a plan with them? How much will that cost? What is the best plan to get with the Iphone 5C?
Thank you!
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Posted 4 years ago

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Welcome to Koodo :) To switch to koodo, open an account (you'll need to go through a credit check for a post paid account) with koodo first then port your number over (this can be done in store) once your number is ported over, your telus account will automatically close and you'll get a final bill from them.

For your second question, NO ACTIVATIONS FEES with koodo :D

Third question, you don't need to unlock your iphone for it to work on koodo it is one of the few telus phones that work without unlocking :) however if you decide to unlock your phone, get it unlocked by telus as koodo won't unlock a phone that isn't purchased from them. Also getting it unlocked by telus is MUCH cheaper than a 3rd party unlocking service.

Final question, You get to pick ANY plan you want, so take a look and see which one you like the most. ALSO since you're bringing your own phone, you're eligible for 10% off your monthly plan, just call in and get the discount once everything is set up. Have a great day :)
credit check info:
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Connie the refer-a-friend bonuses have to be set up before your mom switched over to Koodo.
Typically you invite the other person via email and they have to accept it and then sign up for service.
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The best way to make sure that your iphone works with Koodo is to put a koodo sim in it. Telus is parent company to Koodo so it SHOULD work....but always best to check before you port your own number over
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Thanks Mitchell Palmater, no one told me that. Also, whats the Points mean, that shows up now? What is that about or for? 
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It's basically a $25 credit towards your tab, typically shows up after a few billing cycles.
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Points? You mean on here? They're just for fun and you don't get anything, especially not a credit towards your tab
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Make sure you check your data performance before you leave the store or you will be trying to get it to work yourself. If you are not technically confident it can be a challenge. The actual change from T to K is so simple and quick it's almost rediculous. Everything should be that easy. Enjoy!
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I'm thinking of switching from telus to Koodo but I'm very concerned about the quality of my service. My service now is quite good with telus but I live in a remote area and need the same service level at least. Any ideas.
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Koodo runs on the same network as Telus, if that is what you mean by "service".
Telus has a greater number of dealers, especially in smaller communities, if that is what you mean by service. Telus also offers more options on your plan than does Koodo, especially for international al travel if THAT is what you mean by service.
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Don't do it. They are the same company just more devious.
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@ Sue, to avoid Paul's grief, make sure you READ and UNDERSTAND the contract before signing it. No one is being devious here, everyone is willing to help!
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Hi i want to switch over to Koodo from Bell. I own my own phone and it's unlocked. What do I need to do? And does my Bell account close automatically once i'm with Koodo or do I have to...... Call them? :(


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Go to a Koodo outlet & sign up for Koodo. At that time state you want to PORT your current number from Bell. You will need information from your Bell account as contained on a monthly statement, and possibly your Bell account PIN. The porting of your number should occur within a few hours in most instances.