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Add new phones to the variety phones sold by Koodo. this will bring customers who are interested in the new phones to Koodo instead of to companies that have them. one of these phones is the galaxy s 3, or other popular phones such as htc.
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Posted 6 years ago

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s3 is coming soon
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Agreed 100%! I will always be a loyal Koodo customer, but would love to see more variety. Can't wait!
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You'll see the Galaxy 3s first week of December.
this is fantastic cant wait for the first week of december
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This would be awesome!
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Koodo does have the HTV One V but unfortunately some of them have signal issues.
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Daniel AJ

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Since you mention the HTC One V. I've been watching the price bounce around: $ 200, 150, 200, 175 and now $125. And tomorrow it is probably going to be higher again. Funny. :-)
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The Soprano

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i totally agree. I know the SIII is coming but i'm worried about the plans they will match with it... !
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John Lee

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The plans are the ones they have listed right now. The data-promotional ones look awesome!
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Considering the past 4 months, Koodo has implemented 3 new phones ( BB9320, LG L3 and Ace 2X and will be welcoming the Galaxy S3 first week of December and blackberry source says most likely will include the new BB10 in the line-up early 2013. I think Koodo is Doing an Amazing job at giving its customers a variety of phone at VERY affordable prices !!!!!
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Daniel AJ

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Ideally, Koodo would offer the Tab option to any phone you buy from one of their partners. Koodo would not have to bother with phones any longer. But it would take some time to get a useful independent phone market off the ground. And its probably not what Telus' wants.

The general idea that you *have* to get your phone through a network operator is silly. You don't have to buy your shower from the water provider either.

Because such restrictions are bad for copmpetition, some countries have outlawed the sale of mobile phones through operators and/or the subsidy of phones. I think this stretches it a bit far. Outlawing SIM-locks would suffice. :-)

Elsehere I've seen promotions for special mobile data-only price plans, where you can buy any laptop, tablet, modem you want (from the network's partners) and apply the subsidy to it. The network does not have to worry about having an up-to-date selection of devices and to provide support for it. Customers can buy whatever *they* want.

That would be nice to have with Koodo as well. It would be a real game changer.
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John Lee

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I personally think Koodo is doing a good job right now updating and changing their phones, plans and service. I hope to see even more changes for the better!
Yes I would love to see the new Sony Xperia phones come out!
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Scott Bryant

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Please please please! Koodo needs new phones!
I'd love to see more high end Android phones that are not samsung! HTC One, Sony Xperia, etc.
We want variety! I want my business to stay with koodo. I dont want to buy the phone I want from some other cell phone company, I want my business to go to koodo!
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The Sony Xperia, HTC ONE and the Note III seem to be 3 phones high in demand and we don't carry them :(
We JUST got the Note II...
As a sales rep, i'd also like to see higher demand phones in our lineup! :D
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I would argue about the Xperia being truly high demand. While it will vary by region, I know here in the prairies Sony's aren't massive good sellers. And as for the HTC, if memory serves, its going end of life already with some carriers. The note 3 would be awesome, but Im guessing we wont see it simply due to costs
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Sure, the "full feature" carriers are placing the One on EOL status, but the Note 2 has been EOL for a long time before Koodo brought it over. I love the Xperia line, but there hasn't been one that's a great fit for Koodo until now - the Z1 Compact.

We'll see if that one makes it over.
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Shariq Ahmed

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Could we get the moto x?I know we have the moto g but moto x has better bells and whistles
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Rogers/Fido exclusive for the time being
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lg g4, lg curve2

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