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There needs to be some sort of way to evaluate the usefulness of the IMEI tool found on Koodo's website (

It's supposed to help customers with their own devices check if their device is compatible with Koodo. The thing is, I'm not sure if it's of any help.

Here's an example of how it failed. I met someone yesterday to sell them my Nexus 5. They happened to be a Koodo customer and proceeded to use the tool to check the phone's compatibility. Here's what popped up:

That output couldn't be more wrong.

First of all, every Nexus 5 is compatible with Koodo. Secondly, this particular one was purchased from Koodo (the serial # sticker on the box said Koodo as well). I had my purchase receipt and showed him that the phone works with my SIM. He said that the IMEI tool also fails to show his old phone as compatible, and he bought it directly from Koodo as well.

So, this tool needs to work or it needs to go. It's not inconceivable for someone to use it, and decide to go with a different carrier because they think that their phone won't work.
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Posted 4 years ago

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I agree. The IMEI remains a source of futile misery, not only in what Ivan wrote, but also in self serve activation, which promoted me, as a customer to telephone Koodo for help, because self serve did not recognize Koodos own phone.
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It's been working like that from the very start. It's not accurate at all and the above example proves it.

An idea to take it's place is to list the radio frequencies that Koodo uses, then have a mobile checker so the IMEI can be put in and the radio frequencies it uses are displayed, so then it's clear that a phone can or can't be used with Koodo.
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When I checked my unlocked phone (originally from Rogers) the checker said the device could not be found, even though I knew it supported the frequencies that Koodo uses.

Now that I am a customer it says "Your device should work on our Network" and even identifies the model number correctly.
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In my experience, since they updated the tool to check phones against the blacklist, it fails to check compatibility at all more than half the time.
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I didn't say account... Mr Cola, Its IMEI.

Let me be clear ..

IMEI= blocked by koodo= not by others.= koodo technical issue.= koodo says they cant solve the error in their system.

Account = Good!= No issues = i have other phones too On that account all working fine. I am using another phone with the SIM that was in the flagged phone = all bills paid = no problem = Account has nothing to do with it.
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He says, picking upon one word while totally ignoring the question.

Fiz, your entire argument is built around the assumption that Koodo falsely flagged your phone as fraudulent. Do you have proof that the person who sold you the phone did not commit fraud?
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Fraud or cheat? With who? His wife?
Thats not the point.
Koodo blocks IMEI. Koodo says its not our phone, its virgin's. Virgin says its not theirs. CWTA says the IMEI is not blocked, but koodo says it is. Only Koodo. How can i be more clear?

Stop diverting topic. It is highly advised for some people to take ADHD medication.
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It's also highly advisable to attack people who are trying to help you. If you have proof that your phone is NOT blacklisted on the national database, Koodo should then remove this restriction.

Call in, ask to speak to someone higher up. Do not be confrontational. I understand how frustrating this is for you.

Keep this in mind when arguing your case:

1. Koodo has no access to Virgin's internal blacklist.
2. If the phone is blacklisted by Virgin, they in turn inform the CWTA, who then in turn flags the IMEI on their national database, to which Koodo has access.
3. Virgin is therefore irrelevant to your argument. You should focus on the national blacklist.
4. The only way that Koodo may have something blacklisted without it appearing on the national list is if its reported lost/stolen by a Koodo customer. It will eventually appear on the national list, but not immediately. Ask if it was reported stolen by a Koodo customer.
5. If it wasn't stolen from a Koodo customer and it does not appear on the national list, then Koodo has no case to prevent you from using this device.
6. There are plenty of people that attempt to scam which does hurt the rest of us. With enough patience you should be able to resolve this.
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Just because I can...
"Fraud or cheat? With who? His wife?
Thats not the point."

Actually, FRAUD is the point...

"It is highly advised for some people to take ADHD medication."

As Ivan stated, attacking people is unwuse. Now we really want to help...
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Koodos IMEI filter blacklisted my phone which is NOT on the blacklist database.
Read here to get more info :
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That IMEI compatibility+blacklist checker is useless. It was made to be a tool to protect consumers from having their phone stolen, because the thief would know that the phone would be useless.

But in reality, the stolen phone gets sold to someone who checks the database, and at that moment of time, the database says "your phone is not stolen"... The buyer uses the phone in good faith for 3 months and THEN the phone gets blacklisted.

Hence, no one will ever re-use phones by buying it second hand, more phones end up in the landfill, more people left with no other option, other than to buy phones from carriers, and carriers make more money.

The lost phone was never to be found, data in the Lost phone Never to be deleted, thieves ALWAYS rewarded, but concious buyers always put under the guillotine.
This is Western civilization, where lobbyist (from Carriers) buys lawmakers or organisations (in this case, CWTA), who make laws to rip the poor and second class citizen; and the rich and thieves keep getting richer.

Quote from CWTA,

"“Canadians are among the world’s fastest adopters and heaviest users of sophisticated smartphones,” said CWTA President & CEO Bernard Lord. “Not only will this national blacklist help to make their smartphones a less valuable target for criminals, but the industry has also taken steps to help Canadian consumers identify if a pre-owned device has previously been reported as lost or stolen.”