iPhone 4 says no service

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driving me insane. my iphone 4 keeps saying searching, then says no service, no matter where i am. i took the sim card out and put it back in. i tried rebooting it. i checked to make sure all things were set to on that should be.. NOTHING.... soon gonna jump on it... HELP ME PLSSSSS, whats wrong with my phone?
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Posted 5 years ago

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Timo Tuokkola, Mobile Master

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is 3G enabled?
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Thats actually easy to fix. All you need is to go to settings > general > cellular > make sure 3G and Data is on.
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Timo Tuokkola, Mobile Master

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Let me be the 4th person, and the second tech support rep to tell you that no hspa phone will EVER connect to Koodo if it is set to 2G only. Seeing as the phone works when you turn 3G on and stops working when you turn it off, which of us do you think is right?
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Bhumika Deb

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Hey I am not doubting you guys I'm just confused why it worked all this time without it on that's it. But thank everyone for all your help.
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If you used it on Koodo, then it needed to have 3G turned on. It's as simple as that.
So I had this problem with my Iphone4 and fixed it!!!!!!! Easy Peasy....Took it to Koodo kiosk and they were not able to fix it. I then took it to Iworld where they wanted $25.00 "if" they fixed it. I did not think the problem was big enough to pay someone so after much resetting, & researching online I came up with my own fix and here it is... So simple :-) If you have a friend or family member with the same phone and carrier ask them if you can borrow their sim card for just a minute. Put it in your phone and that should reset your phone. Take out the borrowed and put in yours and it should work. (My only problem now is it does not show my carrier as Koodo but it shows as Telus, which is weird... but my phone is working so I don't care... lol) I think Telus is showing because I went to two friends. First one had the card but his phone was not activated nor did we share the same carrier so I think his carrier got caught up in the mix on my phone, the 2nd had the same carrier and phone and was activated and helped mine to reset.

I hope this helps lots of you out there and you don't get stuck buying a new phone which is where I was headed...

Good Luck
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Sharlene Prosk

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Koodo is under the umbrella of Telus ..so I am told ..
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Matthew Mascioni

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Don't jump on your phone! That only works 1% of the time ;-)

As mentioned before, turning 3G on should fix the problem. Under Cellular in Settings, there will be a toggle to switch it on.

Also worth noting: I'm not an iPhone expert or anything, but holding down Home+Power until your phone restarts does a sort of 'hard restart.' It's cleared problems in the past for me, for some reason.
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My iphone does the same from full signals to searching network and then no service. I don't change anything in the settings. Its always on 3G. I am wondering if Koodo got all the lemon iphones, because every other person is complaining the same. I have already replaced the sim card with a new one, but it did no help. Customer service is saying its now the phone issue and I should get it replace by Apple. Its hard for me to believe that. Also calls are being frequently dropped, it does not matter where I am outside, inside the house or driving on 401 in Toronto. I am seeing more dropped calls in general.
Koodo Can you please let us know what is really going on. Because I am so tired and getting frustrated by speaking level 1 technical support telling me that there is no issue with the network and they are not getting any dropped calls from the area I am calling in to register a complaint. All I am getting is to switch off the phone and turn it back on.
What is going on please ? I am afraid to use my iphone to make any important calls fearing it would dropped at any time.
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Zeeshan Khan

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Apple replaced ot with a new phone. It was a faulty phone. After this i dont get no signal msg.
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Brandon Bruno

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do you have a sim card in your phone
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Frank Cerna

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I am having the same problem as everyone else on this page. I tried to do what you've said, turning on 3G, resetting but nothing happened. I went to koodo and they told me to go to apple store but apple told me koodo has a network problem. So, I went back to koodo at South Gate and they told me it's Telus who was having a network problem and they're fixing it but it's already two weeks and until now my phone's still dead. Will koodo please help us? You're only up to date when it comes to billing but not when it comes to customer service.
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Zaphod Beeblebrox

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That is incorrect. Keep in mind, this is NOT a direct link to Koodo. If you are expecting a prompt response here, please don't.

On another note, Have you called and spoke to Koodo tech support about this? I am not aware of any outage at the moment affecting Koodo customers.
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Koodo does have various outages across the country (just like every other provider would), but a lot of time tech support can fix the issue once they know about it (sometimes they cannot and they have other departments that they can go to for help with this)

Posting to this page gives people a chance to help you, but Koodo tech agents can help you by looking at how YOUR phone is interacting with the network, and work from there
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I'd call apple and have the phone replaced under warranty. If you still have problems, then you know it's with Koodo and not your phone.
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Another good option when having this problem is to go to General/Settings/Reset/Reset Network Settings.
It helps refresh the network connection.
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ya make sure that your 3G is enabled from the phone as koodo doesn't work on 2G network and as you have checked all other settings, if it is still not working with 3G mode enabled on your phone then you have to apple store if it is still under warranty.
call koodo first, then if they cant do anything call apple @ 1 800 692 7753
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I have had the same troubles with my 4s, i selected operator at manual, let it seach, and chose one network fouded. I dont lnow why, but it some area it doesnt work on automatique operator. Enlever le mode automatique dans operateur , laisser cherche 1 minute et choisir un fournisseur trouve. Je ne sais pas pourquoi ,mais dans certaine regions, ca fonctionne pas sur automatique
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Mike Brunet

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Also try reseting network settings under General/reset
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luis majano

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setting ... general .. reset .. reset network setting only .. and turn on 3g
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Camille Aubé

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I have exactly the same problem whit my Iphone 4, and it seems that i'm not alone...It must be koodo because I've done everything to reset my phone and it still not working like before...
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Mayumi, Mobile Master

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Call Koodo technical support at 1-866-995-6636 from any phone (option 6).
They will help you out :)
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Zaphod Beeblebrox

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When you say "everything," what exactly did you do?
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zapata rigoreto

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This is an Iphone issue. Had the same problem and ended up getting a new phone from the apple store. Search the problem on the apple community forum website and you will find almost 50 pages of thread on the topic.


While I was waiting for the apple "genius" I brought the webpage up. When asked to explain my issue I simply showed him the website. They replaced the phone no questions asked
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C Teo

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It works if only 3 G is on, data can be off.
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Nino Bonifacio

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I got same problem, when I switch my unlocked iphone to another carrier, I just do a factory reset of the phone.
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mani hate

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It's 3G enabled?
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Misael Balderas

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I have the same problem cellular data and 3G are off
Cause on my plan i doesnt have 3G(internet)
So when i turn it off right away i lost signal and it apears no service
What should i do i've already change my phone twice at apple store
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Myke said this 25 days ago and it sums it up nicely

3G = voice/text service.
Cellular data = mobile data.

Your phone can say enable 3G, or GSM/HSPA/LTE (auto mode) - but the bottom line really is that since Koodo does NOT have 2G networks (voice/text service), that your phone does have to have 3G enabled
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Timo Tuokkola, Mobile Master

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3G describes the entire cellular network, not just the data portion. Since Koodo does not have a 2G network, turning 3G off effectively prevents the phone from connecting to any network at all. For this reason enable 3G must be set to on. If you wish to prevent access to cellular data, turn off the switch marked "cellular data" on the same page.
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Jorden, Mobile Master

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I'm actually surprised Apple exchanged the phone twice for having 3G turned off.
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Vivian Lee

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I switched my husband over to Koodo because it was a much better deal than Rogers and so we could be on the same bill, but he's having trouble with the service on his iPhone, similar to what other people are experiencing. For him it's mostly when he's at home, which I find really weird. His phone is almost 3 years old so I don't know whether it's just getting 'old' or what. He did make sure his 3G is always on after talking to the tech people at Koodo. Why would the service on his iphone be terrible and mine is fine on my Moto G? It doesn't sound like there are any real answers here but I thought I'd give it a whirl.
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Iphone reception is something worst then other phone because of the antenna positioned around the phone.
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Ildever Aseron

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Thats actually easy to fix. All you need is to go to settings > general > cellular > make sure 3G and Data is on.

Thanks Erwin!
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Sharlene Prosk

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Thanks all you folks so much sure helped me from senior ..

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