If I buy a Telus phone and put a Koodo sims card in it, will it automaticaly activate since Koodo is a branche of Telus?

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I just bought a Samsung Galaxy 3 from a friend but it's a Telus phone and I wunder if I put a new sims card from Koodo if it would activate since it's not with the same company...
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Posted 5 years ago

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Hi Vanessa... Your phone most likely will work with a Koodo Sim Card without the need of unlocking the phone.... All you need is an active Koodo Sim and you are good to go...
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Great thank you !!!
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That was true for me, too
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Not all Telus phones are unlocked, nobody can confirm exactly which model is unlocked to work with Koodo. But you can go in a Koodo store to test it with a koodo sim. Its the same way for koodo phones. Except for Iphone and LG Nexus.
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Only the Nexus line is unlocked and can work with any other carrier without an unlock code.

All other phones are locked, but should still work with Koodo. This is because both Telus and Koodo use the same MCC-MNC (Mobile Country Code - Mobile Network Code), which is 302-220. The SIM restriction checks the MCC-MNC of the inserted SIM card and will not register on the network in case of mismatch. This is when you get a message that your phone is locked.
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It probably will my rogers phone works with chatr and chatr is owner by rogers
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my telus iphone worked with koodo sim card-should be fine.
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I talked to someone with telus and koodo and they both said that you do not need to unlock a phone to use either sim card
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That's right. Koodo, public mobile and Telus can share phone between their networks!
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Its not quite that simple. It is true you shouldnt need to unlock the Telus S3, but you will most likely need to go into the settings and change the APN settings to the Koodo ones. Otherwise you wont get any data services on your S3.

This link will have information on where to look and how to change the settings. As well as what you need to change the settings to.
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If its not unlocked it costs like $15 to unlock it online
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Not anymore thanks to the crtc.
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This thread is 5 years old. It clearly no longer applies. Please don't revive an old thread. There's also many about unlocking being free now
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Samsung Galaxy S3 Telus needs NO unlock.I'm using it without unlock.
It works right away BUT you have to set up Koodo APN by manually to use Data service.
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Most of Telus phones, you won't have to unlock or change their APN to work with Koodo. Some you have to unlock, some you have to change their APN, etc. I would go to your nearest Koodo store and pop a Koodo SIM card in and see for yourself first.
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I bought a telus lumia 520 and have it working on the Koodo network.
I did not need to unlock it, but I did need to change the APN settings.

For some reason I can only get 3G as an available connection option - I expected to be able to get H+. What am I doing wrong?
If I just want to text, same scenario, koodo card to old telus phone should it work?
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What if the telus phone was reported as lost will it still work with Koodo
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So telus I phones won't work with koodo?
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I was with Telus, switched to Koodo bringing over my iPhone 4 and had no issues at all. I did not have to get the phone unlocked. I just went to Walmart and had them do it. Only cost $10 for the SIM and I was on my way.
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I have a Telus branded Samsung Galaxy Mega. A koodo sim does not work with it. Upon starting, it says "unregistered sim" so, in my case, I will have to unlock. Most phones you don't, some you do.
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unregistered SIM does not necessarily mean its locked.  It likely means that the SIM has not been activated.

Koodo and Telus have the same MNC, so there is no lock.  There is an exception where the phone may have the Telus APN setting hard coded, as is the case with the Samsung Note 1.
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Meaning, we can set up a Telus Iphone with an Koodo Iphone ?
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I assume that you mean a Telus Iphone with Koodo's network? If so, then yes, and vice versa.
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@Paige by Samsung Note 11, you mean the Note 2? In that case, agreed with Chad. If you're referring to an 11" Samsung tablet, then Koodo might not be a first choice given that Koodo doesn't offer data only "tablet plans" to my knowledge (most other carriers offer data-only, tablet plans).

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I have a lg g3 that is with koodo and it wont allow either a koodo chip or a telus chip to work in it. It doesnt say its locked it just wont connect to service
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Can you start a new thread please Jessie? This one is 4 years old so would be easier to troubleshoot if you create your own. Thanks! :)

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