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What is Koodo Ideas?
Koodo Ideas is an opportunity for you to help us make Koodo better. If
you have an idea that you think will help us help you, share it! We want
to hear about the changes you’d like to see happen, like something we should include on Self Serve, stuff you’d like to see on our Facebook page or even fixing a broken link on our website. Discuss and vote for ideas from others, too! We’ll review everything and think about which ideas are doable and will benefit our members most. While we can’t promise that all of the ideas will be launched, we’ll take the best and brightest into consideration.

What kind of ideas can I submit?
You can submit any idea that you think will help make something we’re already doing even better. Off the top of our heads we’re thinking ways to help you read your bill or even flagging a broken link on our website. We’re sure you probably have lots of brilliant thoughts about time travel and the perfect sandwich, but let’s keep the ideas specific to Koodo. ;)

How does Koodo select which ideas to launch?
We take a close look at all of your awesome ideas and then consider how doable they are and how much they will benefit all of our customers. If we decide to launch an idea, the time it takes to put it into action depends on how complicated and brilliant it is. We can’t promise that all of the ideas will be launched, but we’ll take the best and brightest into consideration.

Will I get credit or compensation if my idea is selected?
When your idea is launched you will receive a CEO badge in the Community, which comes with full bragging rights and the satisfaction of knowing you helped make Koodo better.

How can I get badges and points with Koodo Ideas?
Earning points in Koodo Ideas works just like everywhere else in the Community. Post, reply and vote to get started. And if it’s badges you seek, you can earn the Lightbulb badge by sharing ideas, the Einstein badge for getting votes, and the coveted CEO badge if your idea is launched. Sweet! Check out your showcase for the full 411.

What does the status of my idea mean?
If your idea is labelled “LAUNCHED,” congratulations! You’ll get a CEO badge and your idea is now benefitting everyone! Thank you!

Do I need to be a Koodo customer to submit an idea?
Nope. You just have to be a member of the Koodo Community.

Is Koodo reading all the ideas?
Yes! While we don’t reply to all posts, we are actively reading all of your ideas so keep them coming.

Why should I vote for an idea?
You should vote for ideas so we know which ones our Community members are digging. We’ll consider the number of votes an idea has received when we’re reviewing it, as well as what our customers will get out of it.

Are my ideas my own?
Once you’ve posted an idea on the Koodo Community, it will become property of Koodo so that we can use it to make our services better for everyone. Click here to learn more.

How do you determine who receives credit for an idea?
We try to give credit where credit is due. Once an idea is launched, we look at everyone who contributed and try to give credit to the people whose ideas helped form the final idea that was launched.

Where can I see the ideas that have been launched?
Check out all of the ideas that have been launched here!

Why do some ideas not have a status label?
Our team is working hard to review all the brilliant ideas we receive. Sometimes it takes some time for us to decide whether or not an idea is possible. The good news is that if an idea doesn’t have a status label yet, it’s still on the table!

Can I submit an idea in French?
Bien sur! Check out these tips on posting a great idea.

Can I submit multiple ideas?
Absolutely! In fact, we encourage it. We want to hear all your ideas on how we can make things better. Remember though, it’s about quality, not quantity, so try out these tips for posting a great idea.

Why was my idea removed from the Community?
Koodo Ideas has the same Community  as the rest of the Community. If you commit a no-no, your idea or comment will be removed.
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