idea: why do we not have prices based on plan created by people for them self by them self???

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let me pick my plan :



There are late night talkers , and there are 24/7 texters, and compulsive chatters ,and there are serial status updaters,Look around you , Different people use their phone differently .


let me select and decide 
1. how many local minutes i want .
2. how many long distance minutes i want 
3. how many overseas minutes i want many text msg i want many picture msg i want many national roaming minutes i want 
7. how much 3G internet DATA ( hspa+ or LTE i want)
8 how much GPRS data i want ..

let consumer be their own boss,  instead of giving them limited choices of five or seven  given plans 

let me pick everything for me ,by me and this will give me flexibility for what i use, and what i pay ,with service i have, without any hidden fees and connection charges sim from koodo  and i can have my own SET OF RULES rules on how do i choose fit for me .

let me tweak, adjust and change your plan each month..without any fees and let me say say goodbye to bill shocks, with daily usage alerts.

Thank you 

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Benaam Badnaam

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  • Excited.

Posted 4 years ago

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Chad Burr, Mobile Master

  • 203,988 Points 100k badge 2x thumb your idea of flexibility but I see some shortfalls.

Koodo doesn't support GPRS data.

Can you imagine the nightmare this would be for support staff to dig through when you call in for help with some billing issue.

Not to mention the additional time you'd need to explain your understanding of your plan to the rep and discussing it back and forth?

Edit: And trying to get help online when we can't see your account?
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Benaam Badnaam

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An Evdo or CDMA data for that matter ..who cares ???

Why would I have any billing issue if my plan is chosen by me for my usage???

And reps should come out of that frog in a wall mentality with brain washed corp image ,that's why they sign up for customer care ...and not a company care .

Let's say per plan you pay 6 c minutes for local minute - I choose to use 200 minutes but I ended up using 210 minutes where editional minutes were billed 12 c per minute -- do you thing it would be hard for customer to do a seventh grade math or for a rep for that matter .. If Koodo keep sending one text of usage of what minutes I used a day I would have no option but to use my text for last five days of my bill just incase I see I used all my minutes and watch out before I get burned ...

Lol!!! Looks complecated but easier then ever ...
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Timo Tuokkola, Mobile Master

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From your comments I gather that you have never in your life worked in customer service, and thus have no clue how many customers simply refuse to accept responsibility for their usage, choosing instead to call in month after month demanding credits for overages.
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Benaam Badnaam

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I am working for a major service provider and I started with their mobility division in 2006 -transferd to three department and promoted evey time before I ended up in their enterprise division now I play with bigger players -my corporate customers .
I am the person who had lived and breath escalation entire of my life time ..transparency -that is what I am looking for ..atleast for my personal cellphone that I have with Koodo since Koodo was born in canada :)
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Sophia, Mobile Master

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In that case, you must realize your idea is practically impossible, Benaam. It's almost like suggesting you compose your own car by buying every single component separately - not only would it end up hundreds of times more expensive than just buying a ready made model (ever replaced a broken light in your car? We did a few weeks ago - $25 for a single bulb), but on top of that there wouldn't be a garage in the world who'd be able to service it.
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I'd rather just have a plan where I pay for what I actually use... because I never know beforehand exactly how many minutes or MB's I'll use in a given month. That is why I'm on prepaid - which, ironically - you explicitly excluded in your idea :P

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