I want a new phone, What is better an Iphone 5S or the Blackberry Z10

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I have been an Blackberry user, now I want to change, but not sure to get the iphone 5S or the blackberry Z10

any comments?
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Posted 5 years ago

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I'd go with the BB Z10, since you probably invested in BB apps already :) It's a terrific phone, mind you so is the iPhone 5S - you're best off to visit a store and try both :)
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Those old BB apps don't work with BB10 so that's not really important.
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Personally, considering the future of BB, I don'T know if I would buy another one. I've been an Android and iOs user so far so take this into consideration!
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I love the new blackberry devices, they are fun and something new. Also the platform is constantly & rapidly evolving.

The next os release will see an enhanced use of Android apps and the built for BlackBerry apps assortment is growing daily.

I have loved my Z10 but that being said, other operating systems have their stuff together and they are proven. If you like to be on the cutting edge of a platform then bb 10 may be just fine for you but you need to accept that not every app out there that everyone is going Gaga over will work or even be available for your device without having to jump through hoops to get it (read Instagram) but if you're willing to plow through the substitutes in app world what you're left with is a beautiful well thought out environment on which to socialize and get work done.

I recommend the Z10 highly and the Q10 if you can find one. THE Q5 I haven't tried but from what I understand the os is the same cross devices.

If you're looking at Android devices I really like the Moto G, you won't find a better value at the moment. Also recommend the S2x or S4, the HTC Desire 601 is a beautiful phone too.

Hope that helps.
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Neither of those, the best phones for your money are the Moto G but it's only available from Koodo in an 8gb model but an awesome phone if that will work for you. If you need 16gb then the best phone for the money is the Nexus 5 and if you don't mind waiting for delivery you can order it for only $349 from the Google PlayStore or even get a 32gb model for only $399.
If your a creative & artistic person then I highly recommend the Galaxy Note 2 that's coming soon to Koodo. It's one of my favorite phones of all time due to its amazing battery life and many extra things you can do with the S-Pen that no other phone can or will.
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John Lee

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Personally, I would go for an Android or iOS device since I do not like Blackberry in comparison to other devices. I don't think the iPhone 5S is really that much of an improvement than the iPhone 5 so if you could find an iPhone 5, I would get that to be honest and get the iPhone 6 when it comes out.

If you are interested in Android devices, there are lots of Google phones and Samsung Galaxys that are great quality.

However, phones really determine by the user's preference so you should try them out/look at reviews yourself. You can always return the device within 14 days.
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i had both OS. I find that the iphone app store has way more apps than blackberry and the apps really help alot. I recommend going with the iphone.
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If the choice is between the Z10 and 5S, I would recommend the 5S. Since the Z10 does not have a physical keyboard, it does not seem to be a dealbreaker for you. The iPhone has a large selection of apps and will have support for the foreseeable future. You will likely get a better experience from the iPhone than the BB. I'm pretty sure that the BB can do, the iPhone is capable of. I cannot vouch for the other direction, however.
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The issue here is price. While I agree the 5S is a wonderful phone and has great app support, it along with the S4 are the single most expensive devices (at retail) Koodo has ever offered in all 5 of its operating years. If you don't mind spending the money, then take the 5S.

Read Chad's post about the Z10, I can't really say much more. It's well organized and makes multi-tasking a breeze with the Hub/gestures.

If you're willing to experiment with Android, the best bang for your buck is the Moto G and its outstanding battery life (especially in standby) and solid build quality. Camera is pretty weak and there's limited storage without microSD support but it's a great performer with a 720p display, a 1.2GHz quad-core processor, and 1GB of RAM for $150.

Nexus 4 is still good value, it's basically a beefed up Moto G running stock Android with a slightly better camera and storage capacity + it comes unlocked, but it's $300.

My favorite new phone Koodo has besides the G is the Desire 601 at $300 retail. It's got a better camera and some neat software tricks, wonderful front facing speakers with Boomsound, a surprisingly sharp screen despite not being 720p like the Moto G, and microSD support. Plus it's running my favourite software in HTC Sense, the only OEM Android skin I will now use other than stock.
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I don't know if I'd say the camera is better on the 601 than the G, Chad took a couple shots with both and the G looked way better even in low light. I'd say the only thing better on the 601 is the sound due to to the front facing speakers. Blink feed is awesome to have IMO though on the 601, I really like that feature if you like to read news from the Internet.
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Ivan, Mobile Master

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The iPhone 5S. I love the Z10 now (didn't at launch), but the 2 aren't in the same league. This has nothing to do with the OS or app selection, but rather the market position. The Z10 just doesn't "feel" like a flagship device.
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The Z30 is essentially replacing the Z10 as flagship status. I got a chance to play with one and the extra screen real estate is a real joy to use (plus it has that awesome woven glass backing that was on the Q10). Could use a better camera or maybe a quad-core processor but at least BB10 isn't like Android where it needs such monstrous specs.
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Personally I think the 5s is a much better option considering the app market but... If u were to get any phone androids r quite good now... But never get a BB
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hi Jessi, awesome to see that you're helping out but this thread has been answered 4 months ago. Also i disagree with the never get a bb part ;)
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First, I agree completely with everything Daniel just said. I bet you haven't even tried a BlackBerry 10 device, Jessi. Not BlackBerry 7 and before, BLACKBERRY 10. BB10 > 5S

How do I know? I have both and hate my 5S. And I used to be an iPhone fan too so no, I'm not biased.

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