i want a new phone. i cant decide between the nexus 4 for the iphone 4. i looking for your personal opinons

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Brace yourself for the biased android replies :P
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Well the Iphone 4 is like 3 years old now so advising on the Nexus 4(6-7 months) doesn't mean its biased
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Objective comparison of Google Nexus 4 vs Apple iPhone 4S (not 4)
on: http://www.phonearena.com/phones/comp...
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Age means nothing these days.
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My sister got a Nexus 4, and the very first time she dropped it (from hip level) it shattered both the front and the back. She later went on a forum for the phone, and found out that something like 78% of people break their Nexus 4 within 27 days of buying it. This is because both the back and the screen are made of glass, and also because the screen on the glass is attached to the LED in the phone (which obviously makes the screen light up) therefore, when the screen breaks, the phone isn't usable after that. Her phone cost $240 to fix. Don't get me wrong, the Nexus 4 is AWESOME, i actually like it way better than an iPhone, but since it is so breakable, I'd try to stay away from it!
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Hi Benjamin,

Perhaps I could shed more light between the two phones. I owned both iphone and android phones. So feel assured it won't be a bias opinion. Lets take a look at the iPhone 4; it has 5mp rear camera, 3.5inch display, FaceTime, 8GB internal storage. What about the Nexus 4; released just last year, it has quad core snap dragon processor, 16GB storage, unlocked to any carrier, 4.7 IPS High definition display, 8MP rear facing camera.

Base on specs I recommend the NEXUS 4, it is quite comparable to $600 high end smartphones. It is newer than iphone 4. Also, it is on sale, 350$, that's even cheaper than what google is selling it online and only 50$ more than the iphone 4.
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All opinions are biased.
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I find that comment biased :P
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I always use GSMarena.com


Line by line Nexus seems to win, but note the release date, 9 months old Nexus4 vs almost 3 year old iPhone 4?

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I currently have the iPhone 4, but before I got my phone I was about to get the Galaxy Nexus (the Nexus 3).
Honestly as of right now I'd choose neither lol. But if I had to choose I would pick the Nexus since it is a newer phone as everyone is saying. Also it is unlocked.

iPhone is becoming very dated with their iOS. If they dont shape up with the iPhone 5S this fall I would probably be switching to the next Nexus or the Google Moto X Phone
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As most people are saying I would personally go with the Nexus 4. Its just a newer more powerful phone. But as many have also said, your kind of comparing apples to oranges. The iPhone 4 is an old phone now, whereas the Nexus is still relatively new.
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It all boils down to needs and preferences as well. If you spent a huge amount in the app store, or need to use FaceTime with all your family, for example, then iPhone is your answer.
But if, like myself, you have slightly poor eyesight then the N4 might be better since it simply has a larger screen.

I would never buy a phone based on another person's opinion, for the same reason I wouldn't ever recommend a certain way of vacationing. What is heaven for one, is hell for another :D
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I always ask for second opinion before I make my mind and take decision! it works for me always ... lol
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Those are two extremely different devices. Rest assured that both will give you the same basic functionality.

iPhone 4 over N4: compact size, battery life, apps, price, best warranty support

N4 over iPhone: bigger screen, much newer hardware (longer term OS support), almost infinite OS customizability, factory unlocked

The first point in either is a pro/con, depending on your personal preference.

DISCLAIMER: I've owned both phones in the past.
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I have had iPhone 4 and the Nexus 4 now for over 5 months each.

Nexus 4;
A-lot faster.
Camera beats the iPhone by far.
Android is the cleanest on this machine.
App store is almost 80% free, or at least has "lite" versions available..
Doesn't sync well with apple computer, I had a bit of a nit with it.. It ended well, I got some software that just opened it like a "drag and drop" style window.

iPhone 4;
It's smaller (may suite your style)
Its a bit prettier...
App store has more solid apps.
App store is more paid apps, but still offer "lite" versions to view..
Sync's well with apple computer and icloud (if your into that)

Now my final verdict will be un-biased.
Both phones have a glass backing, which is a bit of a downfall, if you crack the Nexus 4 backing, your camera is un-usuable. iPhone4 has a seperated lens for the camera.
Also having this glass backing makes it slippery, I found both phones slipping off counters with its "slow crawling" like fall. Thus why my Nexus 4 is water dmgd' after dishes. :P

Nexus 4 has been my favorite phone.
If your heart lies with Apple, go iPhone, it IS their best model along-side with the 4s..
Otherwise, "Google Now" and other neat apps are fun on the Nexus, and its a powerhouse. It killed my SIII in speed.

Hope that helps...
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Here are some questions to think of first:
What tupe of phone are you using now?
Have you been able to demo both devices?
What do you plan on using the device for?

These are questions I ask every customer that comes into my store that is looking between an andriod an an Iphone. It almost dose not matter what Modle of android or Iphone.

I have owend both devices personally, and I have family members who own both. From personal experience:

1) the Iphone is easier to use and navigate through
2) apple tech support is great, especially if you have the Apple care plus (2 year extended warrenty)
3) If you have other Apple device, alot of people like to stick with an apple device so all their device can connect togeather
4) More of their apps cost more money then andriod
5) if you dont live near an apple store and you need support for your device, it can be more difficult

1) Need to learn more to navigate through the device
2) More apps are free
3) More customization to phone
4) Can go to any Koodo for support for your device

My over ALL you should visit your Koodo Location and ask to see their Demo device, try them out and see if you are comfortable with the phone. Remember if you dont like the one you chose in 14 days rtn it and get the other phone. :)

Good Luck.

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