I like the new plans

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Good job Koodo I like this new plans you just added I think they are a good bargain. Also the layout is good too, its simple.
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Posted 5 years ago

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Glad you like them. Like I've been saying, they're actually not terrible. The $39 was 400/400 so for an extra 3 bucks the 42 isn't a bad choice as it has an extra 100/100. The 50 and 60 are untouched (yet) but the 37 perplexes me. I suggest that plan have the minutes/data switched or at least add more data. The $29 is also great as it's the same plan just a dollar cheaper.

However I am disappointed in the loss of the $50 Unlimited Talk and Text with PPU data. That was a great plan and it's going to make my job more difficult to recommend someone justify the extra 10 bucks per month for data who insists on not having data.

The other problem with the new plans are the horrendous overage rates. This has the potential to scare people into going up to higher plans (which benefits Koodo in the end more than the customer). I don't blame them for being a business but seriously... $5/100 MB. That's almost as bad as Robellus from a year ago...
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Darko Angelovski

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At least Koodo is trying something new. I did really miss the $50 one, as you said it was a great value for it. Maybe they will bring it back
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Can't say I agree
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I see the plans have just got better! good job guys!
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Once again, data is the elephant in the room. The data overage rates are preposterous! Let's face it, data is the 'new' commodity out there, so I'm not understanding why Koodo insists on keeping data below the 3 GB margin. Under the respective plans, I'd like to see something like; $50/3 GB, $60/4 GB and $72/5 GB and overage rates reduced to $5/GB across the board for those plans.

Not likely to happen anytime soon, but I can dream!
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Darko Angelovski

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That's an awesome dream Rikkster. I would've to see your dream come to alive. I think Koodo can make that happen cause for those prices like you said are really low. I think that is a really good deal.
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I like the idea but in your example only the $50 plan makes sense since it would be cheaper to pay the overage if needed than pay the higher rate initially. Ether the price for the 4 and 5GB plan would have to come down or the proposed overage would have to go up. Anyways, please keep dreaming because Koodo may listen at some point.
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The only thing decent about the new plans is the current promo on the $50 plan. But, since this has Breen brought up, I'll share what I'd like to see.

$20 & $30 talk and text plans, the former with 200 and the latter with unlimited minutes. This more than takes care of customers that do not want data.

If Wind can offer unlimited data and provincial calling starting at $30, Koodo can offer 500 minutes and 1 GB of data for $40. 1000 minutes and 2 GB of data for $50. Unlimited minutes and 3 GB data for $60, and unlimited minutes and 6 GB of data for $75.

I can't really sing praises for regular prices that offer anything less than that.
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Koodo should create "No Tab Plans" with idea between Rikkster and Ivan :)
It is opposite of Tab Large Plan.

If there is no tab to pay off within 24 month, you can bring back $ 20,$30 talk&text basic plan for those who doesn't want/need data.
Also you can have a little more data amount than the regular "Tab Plans"

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