I need help deciding what plan and phone to get my dad

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Here's the situation; my dad only has a landline phone, he used to have a cellphone (an iPhone) with Telus, when he had his little business, but he couldn't afford the payments anymore and doesn't have that business . He also doesn't have internet either. He still has his old iPhone though.

He will be going to the hospital for heart surgery, and will likely be in recovery for a couple weeks afterward. He wants a cellphone for when he's in the hospital; as he'll be in the hospital in a different city (Calgary) and he lives in Lethbridge. He basically wants it for just texting, so we would need unlimited texting. He will also be wanting to make phone calls too. He told me "I don't need facebook or anything like that." so he wont need the internet at all on it.

I want to get him a smart phone, or get his old iPhone working again, but I'm worried about when it does updates, it will use Data, right? The cheapest plan I saw was 30$ for 200 minutes of talk time, unlimited texting and 100MB of data per month, and if you go over 100MB they charge you 10$ extra. I don't want to end up with a large data fee. He's not tech savvy so he won't know when it's using the internet or not. The reason I don't want to get him a flip phone, is he wont know how to text with it, or navigate around with it. He knows how to use an iPhone and I bet he could also figure out an android easily enough. Not sure if he would be able to text with a flip phones keys :(

I guess my question is, what's the best plan for my dad? I'll be paying for it most likely, and I'm not rich, I can bearly pay for my bill, but he really wants one so I'll do it if I can. 

Also, if I do end up deciding, can his bill be added to mine every month? 

Thank you in advance for whoever takes the time to read this and respond! Sorry for rambling :) 
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If the iPhone he has is at least an iPhone 4, then he can use it on Koodo without having to unlock it.

Honestly I would recommend going with prepaid. You said he wants unlimited texting and to be able to make some calls.

On prepaid, you can get unlimited texting for $15/month (your "base plan") and then can add minutes he can use (a "booster"). $5 for 25 minutes, $10 for 100 and $25 for 500 minutes (all minutes are Canada-wide). And as long as you renew the base plan on time, the minutes you purchase will always rollover so you don't need to purchase new minutes every month.

The sim card costs $20 and comes with a $20 activation credit so it evens out :)

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As far as the updates issue if you have wifi at your house connect the phone to that and update to your hearts content at no cost. Just make sure it is fully charged or has the charge cable connected to a power supply.
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No wifi at his house, and no neighbors around to leech off of :( I've tried lol
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I make free update from McDonald hamburgers.
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You could just turn off cellular data on the phone.  Set it up with your home wifi and some others so it does its updates there.
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He doesn't have Wifi at home, but i'll be sure to look into turning off the data 
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There will be Wi-Fi at the hospital. You can likely do any updates there. You can probably look after any updates (if you want to, they are not entirely necessary) there.

Also, the iPhone will allow you to prevent automatic updates. Check Settings > iTunes and App Store, and turn off all automatic updates.
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If you use his iPhone you can just go to Settings -> Cellular and toggle off cellular data. This will prevent any data charges.

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