I do not have a question; I have an issue as a followup to a tweet to koodo:

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Thank you for your positive reply.

There are two issues that upset me.

  1. Complications with my $50.00 gift certificate when I purchased my phone and plan from Koodo, and

  2. The behaviour of Koodo staff when I went to the St. Laurent Kiosk on Friday to resolve the issue.

Issue 1: When I purchased my phone and plan, the Koodo staff really thought 'inside the box' I wanted a plan with no data and minimal cost/air time. They gave me a plan that exceeded my needs and 2 x $50 visa card gift certificates. I used 1 immediately; but was not allowed to use the second for a month. When I went to use it, I could not find it; then when I found it, it had expired. So I went to the kiosk with the card and asked to have it replaced with a valid card. They refused and basically said tough for you. I am your customer; I pay you my hard earned money; I deserve to be treated better.

Issue 2: The attitude of the St. Laurent staff was well rehearsed suggesting that this problem occurs a lot and that they are following company policy. Their demeanour was callous and condescending – as if following the script of some corporate lawyer. I was very upset by this and said so; their reply was tough. I then said I would post this on the internet – they said go ahead; so I did.

My position is this. If your company thinks a policy of pissing a customer off over a $50.00 gift certificate makes good business sense then the person(s) endorsing that idea need to be fired. Here is why: your actions have cost you a customer who pays you > $40/month (or > $480/yr.) plus all of their friends and family that they can reach on the internet, plus everyone in every group that they are a part of. So I encourage your accountants to estimate how long it takes the word of mouth expression of the experience of one unhappy customer to cost you $100,000 and ask if its worth a $50.00 gift certificate. Those people there would not even support me in a call to customer service or even let me use a phone there to call customer service. ( On my phone the batteries constantly die.)

To solve this very quickly, all I want to do is exchange my invalid $50. gift certificate card for a valid $50. gift certificate card at the St. Lauent Koodo Kiosk and get an apology from the supervisor there for their callous behaviour.

What would make me happy is to have a Koodo phone plan for ~$20 month with about 100 to 150 minutes of usage and no data. Please call me at 613-721-3493 to discuss.


Also, your option to e-mail you is awful and does not work. -- because it leads you on a stupid path all over your web site.

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  • frustrated and extreemly upset.

Posted 3 years ago

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Hello Richard,

Issue 1:
Associates can only sell you plans that are offered by Koodo, there is a good possibility that the plan he sold you that exceeded your needs, was the closest one to your needs at the time. As for the gift card, how long did you loose it for? It is completely normal and understandable that they do not replace the gift card if you lost it and it expired. Have you ever had a coupon for 10% off your purchase in a store? Then loose it? Then find it after the coupon expired? I guarantee you that the store did not honor the coupon or let you use it. It's the same thing in this case. It's not as if they actually took anything away from you either, they gave a a gift for signing up with Koodo, when I signed up I got nothing. I've been with Koodo for many years and I never got anything. At least you got to use that first 50$ gift card, so you have that! It's not as tho you were charged for it.

Issue 2:
Again, associates can only do so much. They are told what to say in certain situations, it's a fact of life in any retailler you go to. Also, threatening to post about your experience on the Internet is no way to treat an associate or anyone for that mater. They are human doing the best they possibly can given their limited power within the company. I've had many people come to me and threaten to post about their experience online, and it never made me want to help them more, it makes me want to help them less. As for not letting you use their phone, that is also pretty normal. Especially after you threaten them to post your experience online. 

All in all, good luck getting sympathisers for "the horrible way Koodo treated you". 
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Thank you for taking my call, Richard. As discussed, I will give you a follow-up call tomorrow to make sure that everything is done to your satisfaction :)

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