i cannot download picture or multimedia messages htc desire one v

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i am not savvy with terms and such so please speak to me with very careful instructions preferably without short forms i may not understand thank you.  nearest city guelph ontario for location.  htc desire one v, 30 dollar plan, 200 minutes canada wide unlimited texting,... no additional data stuff though to my knowledge.  i get very occasional picture text messages.  it tells me to press to download, i do and it keeps saying downloading, downloading,  then times out.  it then says cannot download multimedia messages.  then it says message has expired. so i try syncing with computer thinking ok needs a data connections? doesn't work.  i try wi-fi,.. doesn't help. i dont need a data packet as i dont web search on the phone unless using wi-fi and i like that feature so i dont get $200 roaming bills or other horror stories you hear about.  i only get about 4 pic texts a year and it sucks not being able to see them. so whats the problem?  other posts said you have to have data roaming turned on?  but then dont i risk huge bills?  or do i go to settings and turn on mobile data just for the odd time i get a pic message so i can download it and does that mean i'm being charged while it downloads?  i assumed unlimited text included picture texts, is that not so?  i dont want to generate bills but i would like to get that occasional pic text downloaded.  approx 4 a year. i saw in add ons a data picture message add on for $2 a month,..  is that whats required to have ability to download pic messages without generating additional data charges? if so not worth it for me for 4 pic texts received a year.  what options are available to me?  or do i just keep telling people sorry i cant download it koodo wont let me,.. this has happened since i got the phone a long time ago, i just am now irritated enough to research the problem.  so, is there a way for em to download a picture text without it billing me?   so far data turned off, bluetooth off, wi-fi off, airplane mode off,   oh under setting-more-usage-there's a button called limit mobile data usage,.. if that was clicked,.. would it restrict unauthorized data while i was downloading a picture message?  my apps would all update with data turned on i just know it.
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Picture messaging requires cellular data.  So if cellular data is turned off, you will not be able to receive the picture, even if you are on wifi.

I feel that you do not want to pay the $2 charge since you send so few picture messages, and it seems you do not have a data plan and are also worried about data charges.

My recommendation is a workaround to your issue.  Here are the steps:
1) Connect to a strong wifi signal
2) Turn on data (since you are connect to wifi, no app data will be used so you wont be charged for it)
3) Download the picture message through the cellular data that you just turned on (there is no data charges for picture messaging)
4) Once the picture is downloaded, turn off data.  If you forget and disconnect from wifi then you data will be on and you may charged for data when you wifi disconnects (fyi, wifi can disconnect when your phone is asleep)
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For four times per year, you could ask the sender to email you the picture. You can then access it while connected to Wi-Fi, instead of depending on cellular connectivity.