HTCone M8 vs. LG G3

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I'm trying to decide between the HTCone M8 and the LG G3. Both are the same price.
Anyone have any thoughts or experiences as to which one would be the "better" phone?
People seem to complain less about the HTCone M8, so I'm leaning more towards that one...

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Posted 3 years ago

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I've heard about issue after issue after issue with the LG G3, I know many people who are all quite content with their M8's, so thats the one I would go with
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I second the M8, I go through alot of phones and the M8 is one of few I've actually regretted getting rid of.
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Another vote for the M8. LG has been one of the more disappointing OEMs when it comes to updates.
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I'm assuming you're getting the M8 from Best Buy or another source? The M8 was discontinued from Koodo a long time ago but I think BB repurposed old Telus units into Koodo ones.

I've had both, and both are good at different things, but overall I liked the M8 more.

Pros for M8:

- Fit and finish. Looks and feels much better than the G3 both in design and in construction thanks to the metal.

- Display. Yes its not QHD, but it's a little overkill to begin with. HTC's display is sharp enough, shows good colours, and adequate contrast and brightness. The colors and brightness/contrast on the G3 suffered because they rushed to beat Samsung to QHD (then Samsung slaughtered then with the Note 4's display). It might be bigger, but unlike America's philosophy, bigger isn't always better.

Side note: the G4 fixed the issues with the G3 display and now it's better than even the M9 but that's a different conversation.

- Software - Sense 6 (soon to be updated to Sense 7) is one of the best Android skins I've ever used. It's fairly customizable (especially 7), looks slick overall, is very snappy and responsive, and the default icons by themselves look great. There's a certain cohesion to the UI that not too many OEMs get right these days. LG's UI is too blocky, too colorful, and not quite as smooth as HTC's. This might be subjective but I think HTC does Android better.

- Selfie camera. I gave my girlfriend my M8 after she broke her S III and she absolutely loves the selfies on it.

- BoomSound speakers, front facing. They're some of the best in the business. Not necessarily the loudest sound, but the clearest and best quality.

- Battery life. Despite having a larger battery, the G3 wasn't quite a powerhouse as one would expect thanks to the QHD display. It's not terrible but it does seem to go down a little bit faster with higher usage than the M8. Standby time on both phones was excellent though.

- Better software updates. After the M7, HTC promised to keep their phones updated for at least 2 years after release, whereas LG has been struggling with this. They announced the Canadian G2 wasn't gonna get Lollipop but it was only out 18 months at the time. Pretty sad.

Pros for G3:

- Removable back and battery. This is useful for older phones since you can just go buy a fresh one from Amazon or eBay and it'll be like a new phone. HTC won't allow that.

- Bigger screen. This is subjective but I like bigger screens most of the time. The quality of the screen isn't as good but at least it's bigger!

- Back camera. HTC has a nice concept with their ultrapixel technology but it wasn't well executed. The G3's camera in the back has higher resolution for more detail but also better dynamic range and sharpness. It also has OIS, so it helps in low light and while recording video, which also went up to 4K whereas HTC's couldn't.

While the G3 is still a good phone in it's own right, it had a few drawbacks. With that being said, now that it's cheaper and being sold on all the flanker brands at a lower price than even the S5, I'm selling a lot of them. I wish HTC kept theirs around longer or gave it to Fido and Virgin.

Now if you wanna know about the G4 and M9, LG fixed the display issues, gave a serious upgrade to the cameras, tweaked their software a bit to look more Googleish, and added snazzy leather. M9 was a disappointing upgrade this year but still a good phone.
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Thank you everyone. (Especially Jonathan I for such a thorough answer). 
G4 and M9 interested me as well, but I was looking for something a little less expensive.
I bought the HTCone M8 from BB today. So far, I'm happy :)
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I hope you enjoy it for a long time :)
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I love my HTC.  Just make sure you test the camera:  some are plagued with pink/purple hues when taking pictures at night time.

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