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Koodo should have the HTC One X+.
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Darko Angelovski

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Posted 5 years ago

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It would be nice to have another HTC on our lineup!
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Ivan, Mobile Master

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The HTC One X+, while it was generally well-received by the tech press has hardly been a success story in terms of sales.

While I have nothing against your idea, I highly doubt that Koodo would offer the One X+ when they have chosen not to offer the new One.
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Paul Deschamps, Mobile Master

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I think there's more of a chance of them offering the One X than the One since they have the Galaxy S4 already. I think that Koodo should get the one X or X+ from a telus old stock and put it into their lineup it would sell like hotcakes compared to what it's doing at Telus.
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Ivan, Mobile Master

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Unlikely that a non-Samsung Android would sell like hotcakes.
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Paul Deschamps, Mobile Master

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I'm a huge fan of Samsung and have had Samsung devices for the last 5 years but the second best devices are HTC IMO and a lot of ppl bought the HTC ONE V from Koodo so there is no reason that they wouldn't buy a much nicer and higher grade phone in the HTC ONE X if it's priced right. That said I'm not sure what it's selling for right now so I'll check it out and might change my mind on how it would sell in relation to the price.
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Funny you should bring up the HTC One V. I'm thinking that after the generally negative experience most Koodo customers had with that particular HTC phone Koodo might be somewhat reluctant to add another HTC to their phone lineup.

Not that HTC's are generally bad because of one model, but many Koodo customers aren't so in-the-know about which phones are good and which ones aren't, so one negative experience with a manufacturer (especially if it's your first) will more than likely leave you not wanting to buy more of their products.
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Koodo should totally expand more on HTC lineup. Just because some people here thinks that the One V is a huge failure, and this is the sole reason why Koodo should not be offering it is a bit of a negative prejudice.

I could say the same thing with Samsung Galaxy Ace.
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Erwin makes a valid point, Samsung has had its share of flops and the Galaxy Ace is a perfect example. I am a devout HTC fan, but I also own an equally sized collection of Samsung devices.

Personally, I think that Koodo should field test devices prior to selling them. Put a new device through its paces to see if it will stand the test of time or at the very least, last the length of the tab period. People don't want to find out six months from now that their device cannot be upgraded/updated or that the device has become obsolete.

The HTC One V is considered the lower end of the HTC lineup, my HTC Raider, (not a Koodo device and now discontinued), easily surpasses performance numbers compared to that of the HTC One V. The Raider has provided me with uninterrupted service since day one and continues to do so to this day.

The HTC One X+ would have been a much better device to add to Koodo's phone lineup as a high-end device to compete with the almighty S4. There are many other mid-entry HTC devices that could be offered as well. In fact, any of the HTC devices shown below, other than the HTC One V, would have been a better offering to consumers.

A quick comparison:

HTC One V - Single-core, 512 MB RAM

HTC One S - Dual-core, 1 GB RAM
HTC One SV - Dual-core, 1 GB RAM,
HTC One X, (+), X, XL, XC - Quad-core, GeForce/Nvidia graphics, 2 GB of RAM
HTC One - Quad-core, 2 GB RAM

As Curtules points out and I agree. Sometimes, all it takes is one bad experience with a device to change someone's perspective about a particular brand.
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The problem with selling an HTC phone at Koodo no is that your average consumer doesn't take the time to look up specifications and reviews on a phone before purchasing it. More often than not they go directly to the store, look at the prices, point to the cheapest one and say "I want that one," then worry about the performance later. (I'm sure the dealers are aware of the performance quality of any phone but many would rather make a sale than help the customer pick a less glitchy phone, but that's another story.)

Thus regardless of how good or bad the HTC One X+ might be it will forever be living in a dark shadow at Koodo thanks to the average consumer picking up the HTC One V and hating it.

As Erwin pointed out, the Galaxy Ace had its share of problems too, but Samsung has already proven themselves as a mostly reliable brand so people still trust them. I still have an almost four year old u410 and it works perfectly. And for most, the important thing is whether or not the phone works.
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Jennifer Tewnion

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I think HTC One series (minus the V) are amazing ohones and I WISH Koodo had them! I have to go to another provider, buy one, get it unlocked and now finally attach it to my Koodo plan :(

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