Htc it just me?

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I've never been so frustrated with a phone so soon! I've only had this phone 5 months and it's acting like complete crap! When I open any app that requires use of typing it can upwards of 45 seconds just for the keyboard to pop up on screen. Apps randomly get closed out, shifted around, or end up gone altogether and I need to be downloaded again. It gets so laggy and glitchy that I have to use voice to text option to send messages as its impossible otherwise. There have been times I'd be in the middle of entering a message and then all of a sudden the cursor jumps back like 5 lines and is randomly entering new text in the middle of some sentence already completed. When I try to search for a certain contact in my phonebook it says there's no match, but I can scroll through my contacts and find the exact name I typed - and yes I've checked which contacts/phonebooks to show and all accounts are showing.
I randomly lose all network service. Just flat out x in the network range. Right in the middle of the city too where I've always had service. Cannot seem to stay connected to Wi-Fi, always drops the connection, often does the same for data when browsing etc. Major delays in connecting calls, sending/receiving messages. Never been able to use LTE network. I've been scrolling through other apps and all of a sudden my messages screen is open and there's letters randomly being entered as a new message with no recipient. Randomly reboots. How hot is too hot and what's normal cuz this gets hot af when charging (on original charger) Bluetooth connection glitches. And no I'm not losing my mind or high on something although I'm sure it sounds like I've huffed a little too much spray paint.
I've checked for viruses/spyware/malware
Obviously plenty of reboots
Changed Sim card
Tried phone booster/junk cleaner app
Reset network settings to default
Deleted apps I don't use regularly, or disabled them (only ones that I installed myself, not ones pre-installed)
I really don't want to do a factory reset because I can't currently back it up because I keep getting a "sync error" from HTC and Google (and they're both turned on and I can access both accounts from the phone) and my roommates cats destroyed my laptop charger

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To me it sounds like maybe a RAM management issue. I honestly recommend the one thing you don't want to do, a factory reset. As that gives the phone a fresh chance to start over. Seems you have tried other things without success.

As for heat, it is normal for the phone to get warm during charging or heavy usage, my LG G3 gets hot and its hot to the point where im concerned, but it cools down when i put the phone to sleep or stop the charging process
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That was what I thought for some of the issues but what about random things being typed/apps missing or suddenly opening when I'm in the middle of something else? It's like it's possessed or something
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The phone could be glitching out due to bad management of RAM, closing apps and clogging things up and things going crazy like u mentioned above.

If you cant back up or sync, and your worried about pictures and things, send them to yourself through DROPBOX or some sort of cloud app and then restore the phone through factory backup.
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I would do as Chadwick said, I have an HTC M8 and never experienced any of these issues, it works flawlessly! If that does not fix it, then send it our for warranty work!
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The M8 is an old device at this point but the specs can still hold up. I would recommend the factory reset or send it in for repair.
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Before pulling the plug, consider installing a different keyboard. Hacker's keyboard is the one I use regularly. Ignore the warning that your keystrokes can be captured ---- that's the entire point of a keyboard.

Install it then set it as a default in your input & language options. Your onboard keyboard app may be handing out free games due to a bad cache.

If the problem persists, then consider the factory reset.
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Where did you get your One M8? I own two of them and they still function to this day without issue. One is rooted, running a custom ROM (ViperROM), the other stock. HTC Sync never worked. I ended up having to manually back up photos and music to Google Drive.

HTC Backup, (built-in to the device), uses your Google Drive or Dropbox storage to keep your content and settings. It can back up and restore; personalization settings, accounts and passwords and apps and settings.

Most computer shops sell micro usb cables and are inexpensive to replace. As for charging, the One M8's battery shouldn't get excessively hot during charging. It will get warm, charging a battery generates heat. Charging the phone through your laptops' usb port is not recommended and should only be used on occasion, (e.g. if you don't have access to a power outlet). The supplied wall charger charges the battery at a specified rate which helps to prolong battery life.

If you've received any Android software updates since owning the One M8, a factory reset is the most common remedy as this clears out any residual files that may have been left behind from the previous OS and might explain why the phone is glitching. I second, third or fourth a factory reset.
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I got the phone through a Koodo kiosk. Im aware of HTC Sync no longer being a function,, I back most of what I can up through google and I never charge the phone through the laptop or anything other than the original charger & cord it came with. As far as software updates anything that was required was installed the day I got the phone and there hasnt been any more updates available for it (i just got it in february) 

One other thing that happens frequently is google interrupts what I was doing in the browser and the Http changes to red with a slash through it and googles tells me my connection is not private and its possible theyre may have been a hacker trying to get my information but they have blocked it and to try that particular website again in a few minutes.  This has happened both when connected to wifi and when im just on data. 

That happened shortly after posting my original question and right after that happened my phone lost all connection with a network, it wouldnt pick one up at all, and I've never had an issue with reception where i live until that point. Phone wouldnt even connect to wifi so I did the factory reset and it has helped some issues but not others. The google thing about connection not being private is still happening...i had never seen that before until i got this phone.

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