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How much data is enough? How much data would i need to have to use in 1 month? I love using FaceBook, Youtube, and Netflix. I use it almost daily. How much is a GB? Is picture texting data? How come Koodo's plans are so low with the data they offer? Hmmmmm...........
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Posted 5 years ago

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What kind of phone? If it's an LTE device I personally wouldn't even bother with less than 2GB, even then you'll probably need to use wifi strategically...

As for why Koodo doesn't have plans with more data, it's pretty much by design. Koodo knows data is in demand and phones/applications are using more and more these days. Your best bet would be the $75 Canada wide data plan with 3GB. Or grab the 1GB plan if you can be on wifi for a good portion of the time.
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Mattjs, i'm planning on buying a Nexus 4 by LG. But i think your right, i'd most probably would have to get the $75 data plan I heard MTS has unlimited data plan, but you always have to get contracts, and i hate that contract crap.
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Video is killer.
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WTF?!? How come on the data and talk n text plans it says there is unlimited picture text but whenever i try to picture text from my Samsung Intensity 1, it says "Failure to send message"......what gives? I know its an older phone, but come on!? Seriously!
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Whoops, i blocked my data before. Sorry.
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Personally, I've gone 1 month without using Wifi on my phone (only cellular data), and I consumed roughly 800MB of data. That was using my phone as I would normally without thinking about how much data is being used.. ie: Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Yahoo!, Flipboard, etc...
It was just an experiment to see how much data I needed on a monthly basis for my phone. I was able to adjust my phone plan so that I had the right one for my usage pattern.

Admittedly, I don't use Youtube much, and do not have Netflix. I would imagine that if you do use Netflix, you would obliterate your data limit after watching a handful of episodes.
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Last time I tested the streaming video...I had no more than 5mb used for a 3.5 minute video, standard quality and about 15mb for a high quality video. When I was streaming Netflix, I used about 600mb for a 1.5 hour movie,standard quality. After that test, I didn't want to test a high quality movie lol
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You'll really have to try it to figure out your data needs. I have a 2 GB plan, which has always been enough for me. Last month I used about 1.3 GB, which is slightly higher than my average (~1 GB).

I'm frequently on WiFi, but listen to at least 5 hours of internet radio per month over 3G.

And your data usage shouldn't be any different over LTE. A GB is the same, no matter what the speed.
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Is this help? There is a link to the " Data calculator"

I always use wifi at home, at work, pizza pizza,Ttim...
It will help reduce to use your data :)

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