how does free evenings and weekends work on a stat holiday?

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If a stat holiday such as Christmas Day falls on a Tuesday for example, is that considered a weekend for billing purposes. Would I have free calling anytime that day?
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Posted 4 years ago

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Daniel Kim, Mobile Master

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No, unfortunately free evenings and weekends do not include holidays. :(
I've just answered my own question. Surprised to find out Stat holidays are not covered - shame on you Koodo! You should allow this, you make enough money from us anyway.
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Lor Sully

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Nah, I'm with the lady. I think Christmas is a significant holiday. For me, I bought a calling card, so they don't get an extra penny! And by the way, they even paused WWII for Christmas Day. AND - you ARE paying for evening and weekend calling. Its included in the pric eyou pay. Otherwise, get a $10/month plan.
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You may be surprised, but it's a significant holiday for many people. If it included holidays, it would be called unlimited evenings, weekends and holidays.

And hey Lor, just a reminder to look at the dates of threads you're commenting on. This is well over 9 months old (from LAST year) and bumping old threads is a no-no.
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Mark Kokolsky

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Its actually 2 years old, its just the person before Lor bumped it back up from the dead 9 months ago.
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Lor Sully

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So, to recap, it is a significant holiday, and I did reply to an old thread. & no one commented on the fact that we ARE paying for the "free" evenings and weekends"? Hmmm.  I don't work for telus - do you? What is a champion?
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Mark Kokolsky

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No where in a brochure does it say free evenings and weekends. It says unlimited evenings and weekends. And the reality is, nothing is free anywhere,and if they made Christmas calling "free" you could argue that its still not really free.

 And while Christmas and some other holidays are static dates, some holidays move around dates, not all are recognized by each province, so it would likely be difficult to make it all work.

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Timo Tuokkola, Mobile Master

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If you are on a current Koodo plan you already get unlimited calling from 5 pm to 8 am. This means you only pay for calls 9 hours a day on weekdays. This means that Koodo is already giving you 15 hrs a day of free calling that does not count against your minutes, 24 hrs a day on the weekend.
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Jorden, Mobile Master

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Basically if we break it down (using the hours provided by Timo).
2 weekend days a week, 52 weeks a year = 104 days.
15 hours every other day = (365-104) = 261 days where 15 hours are free.
This works out to the equivalent of a little more than 163 days worth of time if it was consecutive.

104+163 =267 days that are already included. If we include roughly 12 more (based on one stat every month) that's 278 days.

278/365 = 76% of the year being free calling (267/365 = 73%).

So basically all plans already include 73% of the year as free calling as it is, stat holidays would add a further 3%, but really even if most of your calls will likely fall into the 27% that's not unlimited the vast majority of the year is already included without using your mins, and if there are plans without enough mins there's always the unlimited ones. As nice as it would be to have everything included in all plans for cheap, business have to make money somehow and the tiered min plans is the only way for Koodo to have variety (other than data). Even if they got rid of the tierd min system it's not like the plans would get cheaper because profits still have to come from somewhere.
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that's so silly.  Firstly, the only usable time is 16-18hrs/day, not 24.  Secondly, any "free" calling isn't free.  We're all paying a fee every month.

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