How is the new tab supposed to benefit the customer?

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How is the new tab supposed to be better? It just seems like I'm paying a ton more. And it seems like Koodo's response is 'buy a cheaper phone'? If I'm already spending $40 a month on my bill, why do I want to spend an extra $15 EVERY MONTH on the phone? If I wanted to spend $55 a month on my cell bill I could have gone to another provider and probably gotten more out of my plan too.

Can someone explain the benefits to me, because I'm down to $5 left on my tab and it looks like it's time to say goodbye to Koodo because my phone is junk and I'm not paying an extra $7-20 a month to get a new phone.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Quite honestly these Tabs seem less good for consumers and better for Koodo. Before Koodo put 15% of your bill towards your tab, tab medium and large had an added fee just to lower it even quicker but the fee was still reasonable. Now this is basically a loan Koodo extends to you for a period of two years for you to pay off your phone.

Koodo says the phone prices have gone down to reflect it, but honestly I don't find the plans are much different that the prices they had before.

I was actually going to upgrade really soon from my S4 but with the way the tabs are now, it seems like I will not be upgrading anytime soon.

The "benefit" is that you can get a tab from 0 to 360$, but that was there since tabs small/medium/large. This just seems to be a way for Koodo to make more profits...

Honestly, I'm disappointed. If they would add the Koodo contribution back on it, I'd be all for it but this way I'm just going to not upgrade.
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The plans are better than what you can get somewhere else. Their network is very realiable. At least where we use them. We just switched to the $45 1gB plan today. Fido is offering it for $60 and they just removed international messaging as well. Even if you pay the $7 for a new phone you will be better off with koodo.
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That is true, but only on their new plans. My current plan is one that was out for the holidays about 3 or 4 years ago, 56$ a month for the same thing as in their current "new" 63$ per month plan. It's really based of preference I suppose, if those new lightweight plans better serve you than they are a great option.
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Yes, but the difference is Fido's $60 plan is essentially the equivalent to Koodo's $45 +15 for Tab charge for a mid tier subsidy, so it evens out. Koodo's $45 + 7 is for a cheaper phone so that's not a fair comparison.

Secondly, Koodo's $45 plan is only a promo, and will be going up to $53 in a couple weeks.

On top of that, at least Fido offers the Spotify Premium subscription for free with their Smart and Max plans, whereas Koodo offers nothing in return.
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Same here, I don't find much benefit on our end.. I already had a rly good plan from back then ($45 1gb unlimited plan). When I upgrade, I just want to upgrade my phone and not my plan. Without the monthly tab contribution, how unique is Koodo now compared to other carrier providers? I will need to reconsider where I want to do my phone upgrade now too...
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You can still upgrade your device without changing your plan, but it's just you'll pay for the new device separately via tab charge. Or you can buy it outright but you won't get 10% off anymore since you'd have access to the new plans which are supposed to already include a discounted price.
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As Rudy said, the plans are already cheaper, then you just pay the tab charge for whichever phone you want. Plus once your done paying it off the tab/phone charge goes away. I just find it funny all the people talking about leaving, to go to a carrier that Isnt any better, because Koodo got rid of something that, arguably, the majority of customers didn't understand.
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I didn't like the old Tab and now I really don't like the new one!!!!! Really worthless!!!! why should I pay $4 for a phone that was $0 with the Tab Small, plus It was better to pay the extra $5 Tab medium on the LG G3 than $15 a month with the new Tab!!! This really Wrong and really doesn't help any old costumer only Koddo!!

I'm almost done paying my Tab and I was thinking of getting a new phone and hoping for a lower price on the S4 and the Nexus 5 but now they are not worth it, No phone is worth it!!!! Hasn't been good for existing costumers, never got an appreciation deal from them or anything like I just to get from Fido or Telus (their main company). this bites badly!!!! I'm so angry and disappointed with Koodo!!!!!

Yeah, the plans are better but Why make something better and the other bad!! that doesn't make any Sense!!! Good plan and horribly Bad TAB!! The worse thing is that some people from Koodo think that their are doing us a favor with this plan! Wrong in may ways!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way my old double double plan is way better that the new plans!!!!

Also, If you care or Respect your existing costumers, It will be an amazing Idea if you let us know before hand than you are making this dumb decision so that we can do changes to our accounts or upgrades or cancel the account!! That will be the correct thing to do!!!!

Now, Koodo is worse than Rogers or Bell.So what other Phone companies are better and cheaper than Koodo?
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Who said that the new system was supposed to be better for customers?
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I guess Koodo's attempt was to have a smoke screen.

Everything looks good until you sit down and fill out a spreadsheet for total cost of ownership.

Sad truth.
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I think the reason they did it is exactly one of the points you tried making Baduy. The phones that were "0" on tab small, were actually 150...the phones that were "0" on tab medium were actually 300. By separating the plans and phones they were able to lower the price of the plans. Now there is a monetary benefit for someone who takes a cheaper phone. Now if someone wants a $200 phone they pay for a $200 phone, where before they were paying the same as someone who wanted a $300 phone.

You mention your old double double plan, you can keep it, and you can keep it if you decide to do an upgrade. As for perks, the new Fido plans no longer give you fido dollars, and at WORST....these changes put Koodo on par with the other companies. Telus has perk still I believe, but those are also part of being with a premium carrier and paying more of a premium price.

As for giving a heads up about whats coming, I believe its called trying to maintain a competitive advantage. If any carrier wants to try to catch another one off guard, they cant go telling all their customers what is going to be happening. Because I would bet my house that one of those customers, would call a competitor and say "Koodo is doing this and I don't like it, what can you offer me instead".

I personally really like the new system, it makes things far easier to explain. The reality of things was that most customers probably had no clue how the tab worked and thought it was just a 2 year deal like everyone else. Now its simple, pick a plan, pick a phone, and just divide the cost of the phone by 24. No more "your plan is $50 a month so that means your paying 15% of that towards your tab. That's going to be $7.50 a month, plus your on tab medium which means $5 a month, so your total contribution will be $12.50." Now you just pick a phone, and if you want to save a few $$ every month you can pick a different phone, or you can choose to pay a bit more up front.

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