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Stop inflating your prices. While I have over the years, directed numerous people to become customers of your company, I have noticed your prices gradually raise. Now, I know data is cheap. It's a well known fact to most. What is disgusting is the fact that the price of your plans AND your data overage have skyrocketed. $5/250mb? Are you kidding me? I came to Koodo because I didn't want to support the big 3. Even though you are technically Telus in a nutshell, I expected more from you. Canada really is stupidly expensive for cellular service, and for no good reason.
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Andrew K

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Posted 4 years ago

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Paul Deschamps, Mobile Master

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It's every carrier not just Koodo who's prices have gone up unfortunately, but I do agree prices are way too high in Canada for cell service.
What's your idea though?
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Ivan, Mobile Master

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Not every carrier, just the Big 3 and their discount brands.
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I guess you have to think of this in terms of Koodo's (or any carrier's) point of view. They will charge what the market will bear and try to strike a balance between making as much profit as they can and attracting new customers or retaining the ones they have.

I agree with Paul Deschamps, Canadians pay some of the highest rates in the world for cellular service.
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Yes the phones are to the point where you have to pay out of pocket, the large and medium tabs are only a smoke screen making you think the phone is free, paying more is paying for the phone $5/month= $60/year, $120/2years. I have not bothered to calculate the large cause its way too high. Almost every year or so the phone seems to act up and so it is hard to pay it off with out having to pay out of pocket
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Paul Deschamps, Mobile Master

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I've never had a phone act up so not sure what your talking about that they act up a year or so after you buy them. Chances are you bought an entry level device & if that's the case you need to realize that with smartphones more than anything you get what you pay for. Buy a flagship Android or iPhone and you won't have issues.
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Lg one, samsung sII X, this is what the conversation is about how come the phones are getting so expensive so you are saying that the hundred fifty dollar phones are no good that was koodos t selling feature the tab and good phones for cheap
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Ivan, Mobile Master

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You are supporting the Big 3 by being a Koodo customer. Koodo is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Telus.
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Timo Tuokkola, Mobile Master

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Unless you can provide documented evidence of what it costs Koodo to provide services it's opinion, not fact. I don't care how many people 'know' it.
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Jonathan I, Mobile Master

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I don't see how it's getting much worse when you look back a bit. Let's take a look at something that was offered approx. 1.5 years ago:

$50 data plan

150 minutes
E/W unl. At 7pm
Canada - wide calls
Unlimited text/pic msgs internationally
Call display & voicemail
1GB of data

The best phone at the time was the iPhone 4S 16GB. Android choices were slim, you only had stuff like the Ace and Optimus Black ($300 at one point). You had no choice in Tab; there was only $150 available so you had to pay the rest upfront. You only get 10% off your Tab each month with no 2 year guarantee or go on their terrible 3 Year plans for an iPhone.

By comparison, the $52 plan now has Unlimited Canada-wide calling, texting and CD/VM with 1GB of data. You can take a Galaxy S III or Nexus 4 for no money out of pocket on Medium Tab and depending on retailer there may be gift cards on top of that. Then there's the S4, Nexus 5, and iPhone 5S/5C in addition to the fantastic Moto G and the underrated Desire 601 and Q5.
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Jorden, Mobile Master

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I agree with Jonathan. While our rates are high, with the exception of the increase when 2 year terms come in, we haven't seen them go up much over the past few years, and more has been included.

I remember 4 years ago at Telus (dunno what Koodo offered at the time so this comparison will have to do) $50 (the current minimum for smart phones) got you like 100 mins, and your choice of doubling them having unlimited text of 5 favourite numbers. You got at most 500 MB of data and had to pay extra for long distance caller ID and voicemail. Now that the current minimum is $70 (again best I have to go by tier wise) you get unlimited canada wide calling, texting, caller ID, voicemail and 500 mb of data.

I know Koodo has made similar improvements to their plans over the years, almost incredibly so being the first to market with many changes. It's quite obvious that as a business the carriers will charge people whatever they're willing to pay for data.

While it may not be desired its blatantly obvious that as a business profits will in the end be the number one goal, the most desired feature for phones currently is data, and lots of it. As such prices wont go down until someone interferes or people stop caring about data.
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Crystal Pops

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I agree I came to Koodo a decade ago because I could get free Canada wide calling for $25 a month which was UNHEARD OF with the big 3. now all of a sudden they have freaking ROGERS prices. I better get a free Galaxy S8 for my 10 years of service or I am cancelling and going to a landline. 
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Timo Tuokkola, Mobile Master

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Look at it this way:
Ten years ago you could get unlimited Canada wide calling for $25 a month. Today you'll pay $40 a month for roughly the same plan (although new plans include call display, voicemail and unlimited texting, which ten years ago you would have paid extra for). That equates to an increase of $15 a month over the last ten years. Assuming an average of thirty days in a month, that's an increase of roughly $0.02 per hour. Even if we only count eight hours for any given day, that comes to roughly $0.06 cents an hour.
Over the same period of time, minimum wage in Ontario increased from $8/hour to $11.40/hour. That equates to an increase of $3.40/hour.
3.40 ÷ 0.06 = 56.6
Therefore the minimum wage has increased 56 times as much as the cost of cellphone plans over the last decade. It isn't the increasing price of phone plans that's decreasing buying power.
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David, Mobile Master

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The convenience of the portability of a cellphone would suggest it would never be as inexpensive as a fixed service. If a fixed location for your phone works for you, there are some spectacular deals from pretty much all the carriers for Wireless Home Phones.
Also, 10 years ago, the smart phone was just invented, and Koodo did not yet exist!