Have all Koodo stores able to send away repairs not just Koodo shops

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the resellers stores such as future shop and walmart should be able to send phones away for repairs. makeing it easier to send away your phone for servicing.
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David Dieleman

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Posted 5 years ago

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I strongly agree with your idea.
How did you came out with this amazing idea?
David this is not only customer satisfaction related but time saving. There are a lot of people traveling from cities to cities just to get a phone repair.

Walmart, future shop and other retails might get this implemented in the future.

Cheers :)
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Great idea, the city I live in only has one Koodo kiosk and it's easily outnumbered by the Bestbuy, Walmart and Futureshop stores that are within a ten or fifteen minute drive from where I live.
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Chris Petersens

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I don't think any of the retailers send off any phone for repair no matter which company you are with. They always send you to a provider's own store or authorized dealers.

I'm thinking there is nothing to be gained by the retailers to take on this as they only probably get commission for sales. It's headache they likely don't want to deal with.
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None of those options are accepted by customers that don't want to ge the priority replacement as they are getting a pre-owned certified phone. This could be a great resource. David Dieleman' idea is great which I support.
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Why not? The first option Tyler suggested is the same as the store does, but if you live further away you can still have Koodo repair the phone?

Plus Koodo isn't big enough to have the negotiation power to force big retailers like Best Buy to agree to their terms in order for their devices to be sold in their stores. If Koodo wanted to say to Best Buy, "If you don't start sending our phones out for repair we won't sell them in your stores" I'm sure we all know what way Best Buy would go with that.

Unfortunately what is being suggested isn't up to Koodo to implement as much as it is the big box retailers. I can say with confidence that Target (who doesn't carry Koodo) does send phones out for repair.
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Zaphod Beeblebrox

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Xavier, when the customer lives too far away from a Koodo store, those are the ONLY options. I work in tech support and from first hand experience, the customers I offered those options to, accepted them to avoid having to drive 2 hours out of their way to a Koodo shop. I have seen valid points as to why 3rd party retailers cannot do repairs and they all make sense. There are exceptions to every fee. Never hurts to ask about a one time adjustment. It's enough that some 3rd party retailers do not give correct information to the customers. Imagine what would happen if they did repairs. More cases than not....chaos.

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I've seen and heard of a bunch of corporate/dealer stores give misinformation too, or are poor sales people. They don't have the best prices, either.

For giggles, I stopped by the Koodo shop in Markville Mall in Markham, Ontario, and both staff were sitting on the computer or playing on their phone. There were no customers around so it wasn't so bad, but it took about 25 seconds for a guy to ask me if I needed help (you're supposed to greet a customer within 15 seconds of approaching your kiosk, but not too soon, because they'll get scared)... all he said was "well, let me know if you need anything" and then milled around a little longer.

He didn't ask what phone I was currently using, he didn't ask which provider I was currently with, he didn't ask how much I was paying per month. He put in no effort to make any conversation, sales related or otherwise (not that I was going to buy anything anyway but you never know what the customer might do).

I should work for Koodo, I'd make a killing. :/
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*shakes head*
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While its a good idea i don't see the resellers agreeing to this. They'll sell devices and deal with them within the return period.

but dealing with warranty issue has a cost associated with it that they really would be getting any benefiting from having in place.

If they are going to be linked to a device for support for a year they will need to get some $$ from someone to cover the cost of this. Hence why most places sell warranties so that you can deal with them instead
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Exactly... nothing's free in this world. The phone might say it's $0 with a $75 gift card but there is still some cost in there somewhere.
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John Lee

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I agree 100%. I'm sure that resellers are happy to sell the devices but dealing with warranty, repairs and returns? I'm sure they aren't too happy to deal with those issues which maybe why that some of those issues are to be dealt with a Koodo shop only.
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Most retailers are a multi-carrier affair and being authorized to send out phones for repair under the manufacturer's warranty period for multiple carriers would more than double our workload. Then we would need to hire additional staff just to deal with the inventory issues, which costs more money.

We only service/send out phones if a customer gets our Stay Mobile care plan (not eligible on iPhones), which extends the manufacturer's coverage to 2 years AND rolls over if you don't use it after 24 months, which is pretty sweet.
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It would be great but the whole thing would be a mess with relying on the employees of retail partners which many don't even know how to barely sell you a phone. Koodo can't control the type of ppl being hired by retail partners but they can control those who they hire at their kiosks & properly train them to troubleshoot the device that 90% of the time there's nothing wrong with and it's just user error.

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