has anyone dropped their phone in motor oil and know how to fix it?

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hubby drops phone in motor oil need ideas how to fix that
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Posted 2 years ago

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Was it submerged in motor oil or it just has motor oil on it? Does it work still?

If it's just all over it try electronic wipes, I actually found a box of them at the dollar store so you can get them very inexpensively and they work great for cleaning things off your device. If they don't work you could try isopropyl alcohol 91% on a microfiber cloth *(make sure it's the 91% not the 70%)* which is available at most local pharmacies. In some pharmacies you need to ask for it because it's also used in the production process of some illegal substances so they don't want those ppl knowing they carry it in store.

If it was submerged in the oil and isn't working it may be a lost cause and you may need to buy a new phone.
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Oil can actually be less of a disaster than water.


The problem will be (if its still working after draining and drying) to get it clean. As Paul suggests, the 70% alcohol will do more harm than good. It actually will be like soaking the phone in water.

I would gently use some microfibre cloth outdoors dampened with a solvent that can deal with oil such as nail polish remover (acetone) or kerosene. Do several light passes without scrubbing and let the phone dry thoroughly. Too much solvent could affect some of the adhesives and plastics used in construction.
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Kerosene would leave your phone pretty chemical smelly wouldn't it Bob
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Careful with solvents that might badly compromise plastic. Your better choice is paper towel, microfiber, and elbow "grease".
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Sorry to hear of the dropping in oil for I had mine drop in the toilet at MacDonald's just as I was thinking of how horrible it would be if that happened and it did! Rather strange that was! My phone worked afterwards but then the plug in hole contacts burnt so my handy boyfriend is going to try fixing that with a new part. Anyhow what about using a small amount of Dawn dish soap for they're always advertising how it will cut thru grease. Just apply it in small sections with it on a damp paper towel whilst avoiding the holes. I hope what I said here helps you.
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Personally, I would take the phone to a cell phone repair shop and have them disassemble and clean the phone. There's no telling where the oil could have traveled, even if the phone was exposed to the oil for only a few seconds. Oil could have made its' way into the headphone jack, speaker openings, USB charging port and on some models of phones, the microSD slot. These areas are difficult to clean while the phone is assembled.

For removing oil from the exterior of the phone and cleaning the battery compartment and battery, (if the phone has a removable battery), I like the idea of using a small amount of dish soap and either a damp microfibre cloth or paper towel as opposed to harsh solvents. Q-tips or cotton swabs can be used to get into the corners of the battery compartment to absorb excess oil.

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