Hail to thee, Koodo!

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Are you pulling my leg? 150 dollar phone (Samsung galaxy Ace 2), 0 dollars on tab. 25 dollar plan with CD and VM. Unl text and MMS all over Canada. Canada wide calling AND free after 7 and all weekend?! Like... I just keep going over it again and again because I'm sure there is something I've got I'm not paying for!

Many months ago I began service for one of your competitors, Koodo, my sweet. With the... slow and awkward shifting of my dumb-phones pages. The poor quality camera and tiny little screen that made such an obnoxious slap when it slams your keyboard as you close your phone... Although it had T9. I love my T9. I can type faster with it then my peers with keyboard. It was the Samsung Rugby, second one. I praised it for its durability and long life but... well... I learned that an indestructible phone can only be used a projectile for so long before it too must shatter. (I threw it and tried to see if I could reach the back wall of my workplace. I take full responsibility for my action. Totally not the phones fault.)

And so with the shatter of my dumb-phone I walked up to a Koodo booth here in the Fredericton area. Firstly I'd like to say that the guy helping me, Mr. Dylan if I remember correctly, is awesome. Completely sold me on the phone. Filled me in on the plans and I was sold! Tried out my phone and I went from a stone-headed nay-sayer to one of the many calls I receive in the run of a day from cell phone users giving praise to androids, and I, much like themselves have turned this from a mere phone to an extension of self!

I'm so happy with the phone and the affordable service I get with Koodo, I tell everyone to head this way! Not only that but you made it really easy for me to transition to a smartphone and your reps provided me with all the right info. Hahaha I doubt you are hiring in NB but GRRR... if you were! The phone is awesome, the tab system is simple and effective. And... and... THE PAY PER USE DATA SAVER?! WHAT?! As a customer service rep, I see alot of people dinged most painful for their data. But with your current data options its really efficient. Don't use it? Don't pay for it! Hahaha the brilliance lies in its simplicity. I wish I could work for you guys honestly. I would feel like such a freaking hero offering your plans and options all day... and have you ever tried explaining contracts to someone with a language barrier in place? It takes some time and effort!

All right, all right... I suppose I should cut the story now.

My name is Ken and I'ma happy Koodo customer!
Thanks Koodo!

P.S. I just figured out! I CAN USE T9 ON MY SMART PHONE AS WELL!! HAHA! :D
Now I can type my vicious and lengthy tl;dr-esque stories to my friends even faster!
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Posted 5 years ago

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Wow. I've never seen anyone so excited to use the Ace II X before lol. We're happy for you!

Just imagine if you had the S II X or the S III...

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