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I chose Koodo as my phone provider because the Tab program (as it existed then) paid for my phone based on a percentage of my phone bill, and because there was a competitive (albeit meager) roaming package for Cuba (I travel there frequently).  The Tab program has since been changed, so that the overall cost is equal to premium phone services like Bell (without the premium service), and the roaming package has been diminished (I can't renew automatically or otherwise if I exceed my 50 MB limit, and additional data is $10/MB!!!!) while competitors are offering far superior packages.  I will be closing my account as soon as my current Tab is paid.  Koodo is no longer competitive.
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  • disappointed.

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with all due respect you're just straight up wrong.

1gb with koodo $55 bucks. with the max tab charge that's $70
with bell? $85
Compare packages, it's the same thing no matter what data size you look at.

With regards to Cuba roaming, yeah cubatel or whatever providers that originally partnered with Canadian providers to accommodate roamers has since hiked the prices, and again  you will see the same price hike across all providers.

and lastly, making threats like this in the forum doesn't help your case or make anyone have an epiphany about Koodo's service.

You should try calmly and politely asking for advice in regards to roaming, or an explaination of the new tab structure (which is extremely fair and again the exact same in cost as the other value brands) 
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When you work it out plans at Koodo are indeed pretty damn close to the big 3 now and like the OP said Koodo offers no premium services and the competition has a WAYYYYY better phone selection so an extra $5 or $10 a month + the subsidized phone works out that your much better to go with one of the big 3 now. Koodo has gotten ridiculous in their pricing and incentives or lack there of and the loss of more customers than any carrier that have lead to layoffs of the 1500 employees in the Telus Corp say that customers are getting wise just like Bill and realizing things have gotten to the point it's time to jump ship from the once fantastic Koodo.
What's funny is I just wrote almost the exact same thing Bill did last night to somebody about the situation with koodo and other carriers and it's great to see some ppl can't be manipulated into thinking Koodo is so much cheaper than the other carriers......because they're not and haven't been since a week after this new choose crappy marketing fail.
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And yet with mobile prices skyrocketing, it puts forth yet again that Koodo dosent know how to compete because Telus dosent know how to compete. All they ever do is follow the other sheep.

It's been about 4 years since VOIP has become more and more popular, and now NextPlus is available in Canada with unlimited calling & text north amarica wide for $15. PLUS they are soon to offer plans for Europe and south america for $29. Data works like Koodo addons but isint no $30/1GB its actually $15/1GB or 3GB for $35.

Currently I am with MTS Mobility where I get unlimited EVRYTHING for $55 per month with Canada wide roaming coverage AND real premium service!

So, back to your claim that Koodo is competitive, I don't really think so since the year I was with them I NEVER once received premium service and my signal always dropped when I needed it. I've know people who have WORKED for Koodo and told me to stay away from it, and this is back when koodos TAB plans still made sense.
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Koodo has the best rates of all Major Canadian Providers. whatever MTS is, it's obviously too small for a company like Koodo to care about competing with them.
In regards to your calls dropping, sorry that is the case, but no other canadian provider has a larger network than Koodo.
So idk
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Wow... Really because I would have figures that Bell a company who has been around for 150 years would probably have better coverage then Koodo. I have been with every carrier in Canada except Telus. And let me tell you if MTS is SO small hen why is it Koodo and Telus pay MTS literally millions per month to piggyback off of their 100+ towers in Manitoba alone? Guess Koodo is too poor to afford their own "largest network in Canada"

And you talk about network coverage like you really know what it is and how to properly rate it. Do you know what frequencies Koodo uses? Do you know how much they throttle their bandwidth or even who bandwidth they are using?

In my mind and anyone else's who understands how cellphones and their services work could tell you that Koodo, Fido and Virgin Mobile are all the same. They call themselves a carrier when all they do is halfass their services, piggyback on other peoples hardware and signals and call it a day. Seriously? Why defend a reseller who won't even put the effort into it to make it look decent?
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If you think there is a difference between telus's network and bell's you're the one who is misinformed.
It's the same network my dear friend,
They co-own that network.
Koodo and virgin run on that network because they are owned my telus and bell respectively.

Ok wait, what are we fighting about again?
You're happy with mts that's great mate.
I'm happy for you.

I'm more than happy with Koodo!
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Ya Chris, every day is Groundhog Day !

One company raises prices and hands you a reward card, all the others follow. But that's what Canadians are known for. Reward points junkies.

One Telecom comes out with a 3 year, 3 Tier plan structure, others follow. One Telecom lowers it to 2 years, 3 Tier plan structure, others follow.

Then the argument that Koodo "removed" the "hidden" 10% and "added" it to the price of the plan to be "above board" is nothing more than a Marketing Tool.

Wow, I have no idea why the others raised their prices, but I can tell you that Koodo added the 10% to its prices, to be above board.

And then we got to thinking that while the others started charging more and offering less, we decided to do the same and justify it as........?
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Yeah, I wasn't exactly thrilled to both lose Koodo's contribution to the subsidy and the price hike. I couldn't have cared less about losing subsidies if the plan prices decreased to match.
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I can promise you Koodo is competitive if not cheaper than the market! Tab cost was built in your monthly plan without your knowledge which is now excluded. oh and Bell? Trust me review the details closely and you will be running back to Koodo.

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Hey Bill,

I actually did compare all the roaming rates from all the carriers for a question at some point and Koodo was the least expensive ones for roaming. In terms of plans, there are three different brackets: Low, medium and large. All companies within the bracket offer the same thing for the same price. The low bracket hosts Koodo and Fido. Medium is where Virgin hangs out and Bell/Telus/Rogers all hang out in the large bracket with the most expensive plans.

As for your complain on the tab: No one offers a free phone. They all hide it in the cost of the plans. Which is why if you take a look at Fido for example, they have a BYOD plan, which is the same price as Koodo and another non-BYOD that is 15$ more expensive (wooah, it's the same price as the tab charge, but they just hide it!) Virgin and the rest are rediculously priced.

That said, don't choose a carrier based on roaming. This will constantly change and is never a cheap thing to do. Instead, why don't you find yourself a pay as you go provider in Cuba and just unlock your device and swap SIMs when you get to Cuba.
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$10.00 a MB over your limit? Surely you jest. No one is that expensive.
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When using roaming data in Cuba? You better believe they are.
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Well, PM has Fabulous Plans and Cheaper to boot. They're Public Fabulous
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PM does not offer any kind of roaming at all, outside of Canada your phone will be dead.

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It's like the people recently commenting aren't actually reading the entire thread. Smh

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