give away Galaxy S 4

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For next months monthly prize give away a Galaxy S4 now that it's coming to Koodo.
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Posted 5 years ago

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I'd be up for winning one of those... Of course, I wouldn't turn down a S2X or S3 either... Pretty much anything beats my old Galaxy Ace... :)
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I would love to win a galaxy s3 and s4 would be super cool, they would beat my samsung galaxy ace 2x I am sure, but I do love my phone, I really like this community, maybe its the badges, but I like the idea of sharing and winning a prize would be nice, and I am sure it is frustrating if you have been in here doing nice things for the love of technology to see the shiny ticket go to someone else, but its still nice to be sharing,
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Hmm, how do i get on the ride to win one?
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click on the link, its on the home screen, huge hot pink square, to the right of the page,
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Hey KID, I guess you didn't pay attention but there will be no giveaway next month and potentially no more at all after this month (But for sure no giveaway in April). You can blame the people who came into this community only to try and win the S3, with no other intentions in mind and bombarding the community will the most useless threads/posts. And that's 90% of the people right now.
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Respectful, knowledgeable and informative immediately come to mind.
Have to say, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your contributions Topper. Your reasoning in this matter is understandable and as other community members have indicated (myself now included), you will be sorely missed. I appreciate the fact that you're still willing to contribute, perhaps in a lesser fashion than previous and that's better than nothing. Rest assured, we'll keep you entertained, lol. All the best!
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@TopperCNC, dude don't leave because of getting a post deleted or at least don't take real offense to it, I've had a few post deleted as well in the past as well. Just don't think that your doing anything wrong because of it and that your efforts or opinions here are not welcome because of it, as you can see your appreciated here man.

@Ahmad look when I posted this, it was before Koodo made tg statement that they won't be having a contest again in April, so it's not that I wasn't paying attention lol. You were the one not paying attention man lol. It does sucjk that they won't be having a contest again in April but my suggestion is still possible if they bring the contest back in some sort for May. I've heard now that it will be early May that the Galaxy S4 will be released. I think if they do just announce the contest here and not on Facebook we could all enjoy It and just spread the word by mouth to grow the community. Letting all our friends know about it and the incentive of the contest while directing them how the forum is wanted to be run. Fingers crossed it comes back in some way :-)
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@rikkster & @KID: Thanx to you both! I.. I don't exactly know what to say, lol! I'm telling you guys, the forum needs an off-topic section and ignore lists. I could then plaster my name profusely atop some of our member's said ignore list, lol! KID and rikkster, I've also enjoyed every minute of reading your posts, and will continue to do so, no worries there. I've been looking back on the fun things that happened here on this forum and cracked a smile on many occasions, the most memorable one being last New Year's Eve when some dude on Koodo prepaid said he had a dropped call, and he was SO deeply irate because of it that he tried to make us believe he called Rogers that same evening (on Dec 31st no less) and haggled his way to a 5GB plan, lol! I can't remember who and how many, but I believe just about every regular member posted something in this thread! Good times were had, hehe! I'll probably jump in if something like that happens again. It's just not fun anymore having an opinion and being told it sucks just because. Or telling people to call *611 to figure out why they've been prorated $0.51 this month. I kid you not, I've seen people trying to pay their Bell bills at the Videotron booth because the Videotron booth had a sign that read "Nous égalerons la compétition de Bell et Shaw" (translated: We will match Bell and Shaw offers). People figured since it said Bell on the sign that they were Bell employees. It's become harder and harder to keep sarcasm to myself upon reading noob posts.

I figured you can give out all the help you want, it's still gonna be like in the Matrix, more agents Smith will just come at you. Oh well! Counting on you guys to keep it going! :) Later!
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Would hate to see you go Topper and hope you change your mind. I've seen many people benefit from your expertise. As for the Giveaway, it will be our last for a good while at the least so you should see spam dropping significantly as early as today.
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Thanx Nathan. The influx of positive comments from members is sure heartwarming :) However, I did nothing more than the other regulars that would warrant such compliments! Kid Android comes to mind, I've seen him consistently being first to reply to everyone's questions, with precise details and good advice! He deserves praise more than I do :P And that is just one example, there are many more hanging around here (it's just that Kid Android is the most apparent). We should all appreciate the fact that many valuable members are here to share and help out :)

I just found out that lately I wasn't fitting in as well as I was before, and this is what ultimately dragged me out the door. And as I said, I enjoy reading this forum and will keep doing it, however my posting will be cut down to a minimum for all the reasons mentioned in posts above. In the meantime, be good to one another :)

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