Galaxy S7 Nougat Update

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Can anyone have a slightest idea what is taking so long? This is an insult and disrespect to customers who bought a flagship device, expecting to get timely updates. Its been almost two months (since the last date was taken down). Still nothing, no dates, no time frame. Pathetic and unacceptable from Samsung and Carriers.
Samsung support says its the carriers that are "testing" the update. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO TEST AN UPDATE? TWO MONTHS????
Carriers say its Samsung that postponed the update. How can anyone this incompetent keep working at these companies? They should be ashamed of themselves. 
This chicken-egg game is only cheating customers at its best.
Anyway, my last phone from Samsung.
And oh, I am still on November 1 security update. Icing on the cake.
Bravo Samsung and carriers.
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Suresh Aryal

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Posted 1 year ago

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Samsung is always one of the last to update their devices and have been for years so really shouldn't be a surprise but it does suck to have to wait. It really is Samsung that is the one to blame for slow updates not so much Koodo as many of the other manufacturers Koodo carries have been updated to Nouget so that should be pretty telling where the blame is.
Only solution if updates are a huge factor to you is buy a Pixel or Nexus or switch from Android to iOS, I've recently switched from Android to the iPhone 7 Plus and it's so nice getting updates as soon as they're pushed and so many updates with some just fixing bugs and others refining the UI even further, it's a nice change of pace from waiting for updates on my Galaxy devices but definitely not an OS for everyone.

Anyways all you can do is wait for the update and check back on Koodo's update schedule if you like everything else about the device, and keep voicing your disgust to Samsung themselves because it is their fault really.
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Suresh Aryal

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I agree with you, however Pixel/Nexus is/was not an option for me because of various issues. But, next Pixel should fix a lot of issues with the current one (including availability).
Also, iOS is simply not an option for me.
Regarding the update, my guess is Samsung has already pushed the update to carriers judging by the Rogers update page listed as "Coming Soon". What angers me is, nobody has the timeframe of when will the update be pushed. Really frustrating.
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It's not even the waiting anymore, although at this point it's pretty much just us and Rogers customers waiting. It's the complete lack of communication. What's so hard about letting us know? I can only say that this has confirmed I won't use koodo in the future.
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Sometimes they aren't allowed to per manufacturers request, other times they don't want to have release dates and then have to keep setting it back and then get called "liars" and what not. I would rather have nothing than have a date that gets delayed multiple times as that can get frustrating for the customers.