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For the month of your birthday, we should get a FREE MONTH of Billing or at least a $50 dollar credit to show appreciation. Companies in Europe and Australia such as VODAFONE do this.... PS. My Birthday is in AUGUST!! :)
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Posted 5 years ago

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This has been suggested before and it's a terrible idea. The amount of money that would be lost would be huge. I kind of wish people would stop being greedy with constantly asking for free stuff. A cell phone is no different than any other service/device that you buy, do you go to them and ask for additional free stuff?

I really wish I could figure out why, when it comes to cell phones, people want everything free.

For example: Let's assume everyone has a $50 rate plan. $50 x 12(12 months, because someone is always have a birthday every monthh), then x that amount by the # of customers(for this, I used 100,000). That equals out to $60,000,000 lost over a year. That goes even higher with the more customers that are added. A suggestion like this just is not financially feasable. No cell phone company is going to offer a free month of service for a birthday for every single customer.
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AlexiKrov, you just need to calm down a bit and breathe. Your reply to Jem was very condescending, and nobody likes to receive such replies. Let people ask what they want to ask. Whether or not Koodo decides to implement it is their decision, not ours, and it doesn't make you lose any money at the end of the day. Koodo can handle their own finances without your, or mine, or anybody else's intervention.

Some other providers do that, it's their choice. So far Koodo doesn't, and it's also their choice. But don't take someone down for simply inquiring if such a thing would be possible and/or likely to be implemented.
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Oh and by the way AlexiKrov, your math is flawed. Everybody's birthday happens once a year only. So let's use your numbers. 100,000 subscribers, all at $50/month. Every year, Koodo needs to forfeit $50 to each and everyone of these 100,000 customers. $50 x 100000 = $5 millions. Not pocket change, but a far cry from $60 millions.
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I don't get why he's assuming that everyone gets a 600$ rebate every year.
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AlexiKrov is throwing in 12 months accidentally because the idea was a free month for your birth month. His math is only flawed because (I can't say for anyone else) I don't think I know anyone whose birth month is every month of the year.

But I while agree with you Alexi a free month for your birth month is a bit much, you do need to calm down. I assume you've probably experienced your fair share of customers pressuring you for credits or free phones, but try and be civil here.
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Hi Jem,

Welcome to the Koodo forums! Thanks for your idea, it's a wonderful suggestion :) I personally would grab all the freebies Koodo would throw at me :D I'm originally from Europe and you are quite right, they do offer perks on special days. I remember one company even gave New Years calling for free once, and that caused the whole network to go down, haha! I don't think they ever offered that again ;)

I know Koodo takes all ideas into consideration, thought they might not be able to execute them all. I'd personally accept a free 10 minutes on my b/d if a free month is too much :D

Hope to hear more ideas or questions from you! Once again, welcome!
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PS Jem I don't celebrate birthdays, for some strange reason they make me older :P
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Thanks Sophia,,,, exactly it was just a meer suggestion... its funny to see how people react to comments!!... PS... at some point start counting backwards for your birthday!! makes u younger! :)
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Don't forget to blow candels and sing .. Happy birthday to you.. Happy birthday to y.... ! I don't want to know about my "Expiry date countdown", I hate birthdays too, bcause it's one whole year out of your life. sorry this has nothing to do with Kood stuff, but Sofia comment made me go emotional about birthdays celebration.
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King Lear: "'tis our fast intent / To shake all cares and business from our age, / Conferring them on younger strengths, while we / Unburden'd crawl toward death."
... Hmm... Ever wonder what Shakespeare would say about birthdays? Anyways, not really about cell phones.
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I'm guessing you can have a free month for your birthday if you are willing to pay one eleventh more for the rest of the year. You can do this yourself ... No need for Koodo involvement. Just put the money in a jar and use it once a year ... :)

Anyway, I'm guessing you've already realized there's no advantage to this plan and this is what I suspect would have to happen for Koodo to give a free month. In the end it would be at least the same price but a lot more complicated.
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How about instead of a free month bill, Koodo does a free unlimited calling for that month?
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Or let you pick from a list of goodies, depending on the plan you are on?
(I already have unlimited calling, so maybe 500mb/1GB Extra data, 250 free texts, 50 min long distance, something like that)

PS implement this quick, my b-day is next week..
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On my birthday, I would like a Lego El Tabador figure...with white cape :P (no joke)
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Last year, Telus gave up on the idea of offering free local calling on birthdays, something they'd been doing for years, citing;

"We've heard from our customers that free local birthday calling does not add value or enhancement to their experience with us. As a result, we've discontinued it so we can turn our focus to the things that matter most, like free data notifications, lower overseas rates, the tools you need to help you get the most out of your phone, and an improved repair experience. It's part of our journey to serve you better".
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I would be happy if I get double tab on my birthday month :)
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This is actually a feasible thing, I would think! :)
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Id like to get double tab off on birthday.

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