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I am a very frustrated customer right now.  I take very good care of my phones. In the last 2 1/2 years I have went through 3 androids through my Koodo plan. I originally bought the Samsung Galaxy SIIX

 and it started getting buggy, would not connect to the computer to upload precious photos etc. and by the time it went completley dead (right before I was sending it in to Koodo...), I lost all my photos of my children.  I had a case open at better business bureau, had to deal directly with Samsung and they were no help.  I ended up getting the exact same brand of phone sent to me which I had to use my tab for.  I ended up having exactly the same problem and again lost all photos of my children.  Again no good customer service from Samsung and Koodo basically insisted I deal with them.  I am now on my third Android, the Google Nexus (out of pocket again...) and now my battery has expanded in my phone so that cover wont shut and it goes dead all the time.  I may lose my photo again with this phone.  I have to again, wait at the Koodo Kiosk for hours til my turn to get this phone sent in and have to go through this all over again.  I am a very unhappy Koodo customer and for what I pay monthly, I dont think  I should have to go through this again and have to deal with third parties who do not care about what I have lost out on especailly family photos nevermind money.  I am done with Koodo since when I spoke to the girl at the Koodo kiosk and explained my issues and she basically said we will send it in etc etc and I feel for all my issues, I should receive an Iphone at no cost to me since I refuse to deal with Androids again.  I have spent alot on these three phones and in 2 1/2 years to go through that many phones, its ludicrous.  I will be dealing with BBB regarding this since I feel that my very valid complaints are not being heard.  I know that since I don't; want Android I will have to buy an iphone and for all the money spent and all the issues, I should get one for free. I may change over to another Carrier which means I move my daughter over also. There are some great deals at Wind Mobile and maybe customer service much better.

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  • frustrated and not heard

Posted 3 years ago

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Hello Lesley.

I'm very sad to read your story. It's indeed some bad luck you got there, but why is Koodo to blame? Those phones were old phone and were pretty prone to bug since the SIIX is already 4 years old. Technology evolves fast and if you would've gon with an iPhone or another up to date phone nothing of this would've happened.

Also, I know what loosing pictures feels like and it's not nice. But keeping a backup weekly or even monthly would've saved you all this pain. It's a simple thing, but Koodo can't be blamed for this. 

I don't know if you wrote on the forum just so you can get a free phone, since you mentioned it 2-3 times in your message, but this is not what we're doing here. If you want to explain your problem, it would be to a customer rep by calling.

I am again very sorry. Have a nice day.
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What do you even mean a Nexus 5 where the cover won't go back on the cover is not supposed to be removed as its a sealed battery.
No carrier us going to give you a free phone because of your lack of backing up your photos that's asinine to even think anyone owes you anything for something you lacked to do after losing your photos multiple times, I mean there's a free cloud backup built right into your phone and no need to ever hook it up to a computer it can be set to automatically back up photos as soon as you connect to your home wifi even. Instead of blaming everyone else for your issues maybe your should try to be proactive about issues when they arise and learn about what you can do by doing some research online which is the way we've all learned about mobile devices, it's time consuming but it's what you have to do to learn about something you don't know and wish to use. Sorry being so frank but it bugs me when ppl expect things for free for issues that don't exist and even more when ppl try getting the better business bureau involved when they don't even know what they're talking about which is why you didn't get anywhere with that.

Sorry you both feel that way.  I have called Koodo many, many times for all three phones and no help there other than deal with the manufacturer.  I have dealt with Samsung for the two Galaxy phones and again no help from them regarding my lost photos and I assure you I was very proactive.  If you read my post, the phones were not being picked up by my laptops and other peoples laptops via USB cords so I could never backup my photos and if I could have I would have done this.  That was my issue.  The Cloud is useful but for what I need it for I would need to pay and not an option right now plus I was having issues with that also---not as user friendly as you may think with someone on limited time.  My husband was in a car accident and not working at the present so I think I don't need to apologize for not wanting to pay for something that should work via USB never mind buying a fourth phone in 2 1/2 years. So you can both judge all you want but I don't find that very professional.

So the issue for BOTH the Samsungs was the same and my bad for allowing Koodo to convince me that the issue was just the phone so getting the same phone the second time was on the advice of Koodo.  I work fulltime, commute with 3 children and the amount of time I have spent on these phones and researching on the internet to figure it out my own is considerable. I can assure you, nothing is free and I have spent what I think a lot for phones that never work.  Maybe you have all the time in the world yourself to spend researching and maybe even have an IT background so this is enjoyable for you but I just want to buy a phone that transfers phones easily and works longer than a year. 

The Nexus 5 battery started swelling but I did not know this but wondered why the cover was popping open (and no I never removed it...). I asked a person at work who knows a lot about phones and they noticed the battery swelling. Oh yeah...I did the internet  research again (although you assumed that I do not do these things ..) and found out this is common and dangerous so that phone needs to go in to get fixed. I was also advised to add my complaint on FB. Instead I received abuse back at me for valid complaints. Am I to assume that you are not Koodo employees??

To say the phones were old, well for me there were brand new and yes maybe an older model but if that is the case then why would Koodo reps push for me to buy "buggy" phones?  and if so let the buyer know the potential issues and they can make an educated decision. 

All I wanted is to not have to pay full price for another phone and hopefully to get from it maybe even a credit.  I was under assumption this is another avenue to be heard but apparently not.

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This is a place where you can be heard, but you are only heard by fellow Koodo users who can hopefully provide information to you and help you fix your situation.

If you are calling in, going to a kiosk, posting on facebook, and posting here, and everyone is telling you the same thing, it is probably because it is the correct answer.

Your issues are with the manufacturer of the phones. Koodo just provides the service. 

If your calls weren't working, or your bill was incorrect, those are examples of problems with your service provider. But if your samsung or nexus phones are not working properly then it's a manufacturer thing.

If you are looking for compensation it's going to have to be from LG (the maker of the nexus 5) or from samsung.
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Sounds like you have bad luck with phones. It is important to remember to have the appropriate software installed when trying to back up your data. Samsung offers Kies, as an example, to backup your data. If you plug in a USB cord to a PC without it, you may think it's not working.

Also, as others have stated, I will also add to the agreement that you need to contact each manufacturer, and should not blame Koodo for these problems as they have nothing to do with it. If you moved to any other service provider you will have the same, if not worse experience dealing with them. 
Thanks for your help!  I take very good care of my phones---hard cases around them and clear cover on front so it is hard when these things happen despite that.  It is frustrating and I guess I feel at this point, I can't afford to be purchasing another phone. I get that Koodo is not the manufacturer but standing behind products they sell would be nice.  I will be going to the kiosk soon but although staff there are usually very friendly, I am usually there for around 2 hours each time I go so that is hard with a toddler. I will hopefully get some results there. Thanks for your responses and advice!
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Koodo will most likely stand behind their service to you. Phone wise, unfortunately you shouldn't be upset if they refer you to the manufacturer. If you look in the instruction booklet that came with your phone you will find their contact information and warranty coverage.
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"standing behind products they sell would be nice."
 - I have to say Koodo will send your phone for repair if something wrong with your phone. It could be done by manufacture's warranty. If not you have choices to repair it  out of your pocket either by manufacture or local mobile repair shop, or upgrade your phone
I'm curious if you ever try to send your phone for repair or kiosk refused to send all your 3 phones for repair...?
I have sent out 2 phones for repair and it was real easy process at the kiosk.
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As other people have said, Koodo is only the service provider, and they do what they can when it comes to handsets. Koodo tries to work with the manufacturers and get things done, but at the end of the day, they only resell a device made by said manufacturer. Switching to another carrier isn't going to change that, and according to most sources, you wont find better support than Koodo.
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Just an added tidbit about Koodo.
Koodo has had the best customer service running for years straight (of all major canadian providers) according to JD power and associates.

Bell is ranked the worst, followed closely by Rogers and then Wind (According to number of complaints filed to CRTC in year 2015)

Less than 1% of people who join Koodo ever leave.

This is not the kind of company that is going to screw you over to save a few bucks.
Give it a chance and believe us when we tell you that it's the manufacturer that should be blamed.
Koodo does what they can with their return policy, DOA period, facilitating Warranty swaps with the manufacturer.

Trust us!

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