Extended Warranty is a Ripoff

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I recently purchased an LG X Power and the extended warranty. I broke the screen on my phone and made a claim with ESecuritel who, without any warning, sent me a G3 instead.  I was not made aware that I would be sent a different phone model and to make matters worse the G3 had issues with the battery.  This led to a second claim, and a second G3 which also happens to have battery issues.  

Do yourself a favour and dont waste the money on the extended warranty.  I have spent $120(+ taxes) on the plan and $79 (+ taxes) on the first claim, only to get a company that can't send me the came model phone I purchased nor can it send me a phone that works.  With the money I wasted on this plan I could have purchased another LG X Power. 

Dont waste your time or money on a terrible service. 

ESecuritel says that cant provide me with an LG X Power, and I am now stuck with a crappy phone I don't want.  Can Koodo help me with this issue or are they going to pass the buck onto ESecuritel and say my issue is with them? 

Either way I hope I can save someone else from the headaches I am going through.
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Nathan Ulmer

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Posted 2 years ago

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Hi Nathan,

If you read the terms and conditions of the warranty when you bought it, it specifies you will get a similar currently available phone should your phone not be available anymore. It shouldn't of been a surprise to you. Unfortunately you  will have to stick with esecuritel about the issue you had with them since it's not actually Koodo offering the service, it's esecuritel.
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Nathan Ulmer

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I wouldnt have an issue with receiving a similar phone, if said phone worked properly however the phones I am being sent do not work properly. 

What is a surprise to me is the terrible quality of the phones I am being sent.  While Koodo may not be offering the service directly, they are selling selling it and should consider the repercussions of being affiliated with such a terrible company.

I have no intentions with of using the G3 going forward and will not be stuck with it or ESecuritel and will evaluate my options over the weekend.
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Have you contact ESecuritel that you received a phone that doesn't work properly?
I would ask them send you a different/working one again.
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Nathan Ulmer

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Yes I have.  They will happily keep sending me G3's and that is a problem for me since :

a) The G3's they send me have all had battery issues (they shut off randomly and then tell me the battery is dead.  Please note my sister had the exact same issues with the G3's the same company had sent her  as well.

b) The G3 uses 1% of battery per minute of usage with the screen usually using 50% or more of the battery. 

I wouldnt be doing this if ESecuritel was willing to actually help me solve my problem but their only solution is "We will send you another G3".  

And to add to Mathieu's claim that I will get a "similar" phone, I have not received anything to date that is "similar" to the LG X Power.  

First of all I purchased a new phone, the G3's I get sent are refurbished. Not similar.
Second, the X Power has a Li-Ion 4100 mAh battery, the G3 has a Li-Ion 3000 mAh battery. Again not similar. 

For a phone (the G3) that claims to have 21 hrs talk time I barely get 2 hrs.  

ESecuritel does not help you, they just keep sending you crap phones, and recommend you keep making claims.  To me that is terrible customer service and it is a waste of my time to go through their process just to continually get phones that are barely usable.    

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I'm really sorry to hear. Unfortunately the same bad stories pop up. You rarely hear the good ones but it seems lik when it's bad with esecuritel it's really bad. For this time I would attempt to escalate it with esecuritel and keep on them. You paid for it keep at I until you get a working phone. Eventually it'll cost less to to you an actual working phone. Unfortunately also what they're doing is still within their agreement framework, including refurbished as replacements and Canada doesn't have anything really in the way of lemon laws.
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I tried calling these guys today cos I have a dead spot on my Note 4. The number for them for whatever reason was not going through at all. In any case I'm glad it didn't cos the call was on a land line. Now I'm going to call them on my cell, hopefully have the call go through and record what should be a rather interesting conversation from all the crap I've read about them.