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While I doubt this will be a popular idea due to most people being in good service areas, for people like me in remote and poorly serviced locations, it would be a way to get a little more use out of our plans.

I can't use voice cell service in my house, and if I'm outside it's spotty at best. Why do I have a cellphone then? For safety traveling our highway. During winter, our highway is closed almost every other major snowstorm for 6-8 hours. Traveling at -20C or below, I like to know I have a cell on hand, even if I can only get a text message out to a friend.

Most months I use none of my 50 minutes. It's just a fact of our location. It would be great when I'm out of town to be able to access some of the web services I use on data with some of my unused minutes. I'm far more likely to use data than voice, even in cell service range. It would be nice to be able to convert unused minutes at a rate of 2MB per unused minute to the following month, up to a total of 2x our anytime minute maximum according to our plan. So for my 50 minute plan, I could save up to 100MB of data total at any one time. Data usage would come off that, and excess be paid for using the data saver plan. The next month, any unused voice minutes would go towards topping up to my 100MB total limit.

Even if you charged $5/month to allow us to save 2x our rate plan minutes worth of data in such a manner, it would make my plan more useful. Or charge to use minutes for data in a given month with no banking. Would love to see something like this in effect.
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Posted 5 years ago

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This would be a great idea actually. I support this...! I dont have data and im forced to use wifi at my university or any hot spot. But when it comes to commuting to school, i cant do much other than read my notes.

Koodo be the first mover and make this available to your customers!
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I doubt but if its available I guess useful feature for those who use very little cell phone minutes.
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There are many good ideas (like this one) but they have to be feasible
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Sure, but if they implement a $5 charge for the service, and they clearly aren't having to provide the voice service, then they shouldn't be losing money on the deal. They are simply trading $5 of unused voice minutes and a $5 fee for $10 of data. That's best case scenario for the customer that doesn't use any minutes.

Further, they might just get a few more people hooked on data and sell more data plans by doing so, or more than likely nail people that go over their saved data amount and run into needing extra data.

You can't sell someone extra data that has their data turned off. Overall, I think they could win more than lose.
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How would you exchange them and how would Koodo know whether or not you want to change the minutes or not?
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This is why I suggest a unused minute carry-over to the next month for data, maybe via a small addon charge that would just automatically convert your unused minutes to a data limit for the next month, with a cap based on your plan, and data use over the carried-over amount being charged at the data saver rates.

Koodo is bound to bring in data saver charges with this in effect because of data use over the carried-over data amount.
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I think it's brilliant idea!!! At least conceptually. It would like be an absolute billing nightmare for koodo though. People barely understand proration imagine if you threw this at them. :-)

That doesn't take anything away from the idea though!!! I'd be in full support of this.
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I agree it would be good! I want to pay less! I use like 3 % of my 450 minutes. And I have unlimited call on night and weekends. I would give up these, it's way to much. I just need data!
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I agree it'd be a good idea but doubt it'll happen since you can circumvent the entire calling system using Data so it wouldn't be advantageous to Koodo at all, unfortunately.

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