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I've enjoyed my time helping and posting here for the most part. The atmosphere is overall great and friendly, and easy-going, as I'm told it is supposed to be. That said, I've also been told there are several rules and guidelines as to how one should post or act "according to the moderators". I've just spent time looking for a posting guide to make sure my posting isn't breaking any other moderator guidelines and could not find one. Most forums have such a thing, and it gives forum guideline enforcers a nice and easy place to point people to when they are breaking forum protocol. It clearly shows someone that indeed, it is how the moderators wish the forum to work, rather than just the opinion of the enforcer at the time, which the person being corrected can't really know. It also helps alleviate any strain between volunteers when rules are broken, because the rules are clearly in place and can be pointed to. It helps move the correction from being on the shoulders of a community member that may have been corrected in the past for such behavior, to a correction based on easy to find and read guidelines.

Having a link directly to community guidelines that can be found easily and linked to would be a great way to take the onus off members to correct others' actions by giving past experience that cannot be easily seen by those being corrected.

If of course something like this exists already, it should be easier to find.
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I completely agree with both of you. 99% of the time, we're fine if we just go by our own compass and are "kind, helpful and compassionate". That said, there are those rare grey areas where it helps to get tips from a guideline. That's why we're publishing lighthearted guidelines on March 28th. Personally I find them both useful and hilarious as they were written by our talented Community Manager and then re-written by our equally talented Ad writer (El Tabador). Stay tuned!