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I was a frequent user of your $75 for 30 day US roaming add-on.  The new Easy Roam is a nice feature but has a killer condition for my use.  I go to the US for a month at a time a few times a year and it does NOT coincide with my billing cycle so on the previous add-on I would pay $75 for the 30 days I needed and now that will cost me up to $200 for the same time ($100 cap in two billing cycles).  How can I avoid this?  Can I still use the 30 day $75 add-on (yes it had a lower data cap but that is fine) and can the new Easy Roam cap by applied on a monthly basis (any 30 day period rather than fixed to the billing cycle)?  I know that  your billing system could handle this latter way because it was already set up for the previous 30 day add-ons.
Please let me know as Rogers has a $60 monthly cap, so even there the max cost would be $120.
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Posted 8 months ago

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Rogers cap is by billing cycle (as well as Bell). Looks like this is becoming the new "industry standard".
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You have to contact customer support to ask for it. I've heard of some people being declined so I guess it's not a guarantee but we've been told that you should be able to. You can grab a T Mobile sim or any good rated MVNO data and use a VoIP App that gives you a Canadian number for free as an alternative. It's also been advised to look at Tracfone as they seem to do well with call forwarding from Canadian numbers.
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I just found out about this new easy roam feature, and it is absolutely disgusting! I cannot believe these are the only options we are being given. I called koodo, and asked them whether they would honour a previous roaming package, and they said that it was impossible to do it. Now, I read that some other users have had better luck.

I have been a happy koodo customer for 7 years continuously, with big monthly bills. I guess I was hoping that that would help a bit to get some better service. This new feature will have my yearly roaming bills go from around $250 to at least $1000. Simply unacceptable; I will wait a bit to see whether Koodo brings back the older plans; if not, I will sadly switch to another provider.
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Looks like you roam a fair bit. If this is for weekend trips or business trips to the US, then that could make sense, but if you like to go on holiday or go on business travel for 2+ weeks at a time, I'd highly recommend getting a local sim card, then making arrangements to forward calls from your Koodo sim to another Canadian number to work in a VOIP app (or even via sip credentials in your phone dialler). Take a spare phone or dual-sim phone for incoming SMS.

Even at $250 per year, if you were to re-distribute your expenses and setup dual-sim phone plus a VOIP app, you could get really generous data allowances overseas with that money. That way with roaming deals out of the equation, your out of country cellular usage would be carrier-agnostic for your choice of carrier at home.

I don't see Koodo fighting to be the leader in roaming deals. Each carrier boasts about their advantages, and I certainly see Koodo as a pioneer for phone acquisitions and also personalized offers for existing customers (aside roaming), plus connection to Canada's better network. For roaming deals and data-only deals, looks like Koodo's out of the equation for now.

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If you are a frequent cross-border traveller, the ease of Telus' Canada-US plan might be a better choice. Given the higher subsidies they offer on phones if purchased regularly, it might be cheaper, too, depending on your use habits.
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Other alternatives:

For light use over random extended periods of time look at Koodo prepaid. No per-diem for roaming, but your usage comes out of separate buckets, and they never expire. Keep the same number.

The least expensive system for heavy use is what Titaniumtux recommends. Consider porting your phone number to a VoIP service and having your calls forwarded to your current cell phone in Canada or the US. Very inexpensive and maintains one constant contact number for your callers.

While in the US, Cricket offers flexible roaming in Canada and Mexico, or consider the 21-day T-Mobile tourist SIM. For heavy users, T-Mobile offers unlimited talk and text plus 10 gig of data for $50 a month prepaid. Tracfone also has inexpensive prepaid plans which include no-extra-charge on calls from the US to Canada.
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@Hi to All,

There are so many great advices on this forum (including mine) how to save or reduce roaming charges. It looks like there are countless ways to do that.

For a while I was thinking what will happen if Koodo would get away with roaming options, at all and just leave pay per use option only for some business people who wouldn't mind to pay extra for being in touch or users with fat wallets. From business point of view being in touch means earnings and profit.

Those that are financially limited would find definitely plenty of cheaper alternatives.

Seriously speaking for Koodo Roaming Charges is a Profit Gold Mine. They may try to satisfy some users in terms of convenience or tweak it here and there but never truly make it cheaper.

Why would they?
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These are all great comments and answers! Thanks so much for your help! I will be looking at some of the call forwarding options in combination with VoIP service then. I have heard of tracphone, but not really looked into it! Thanks again!