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My Father just purchased a Koodo phone and plan the day before he left for a trip to Florida. He is travelling alone and I urged him to get a cell phone. He is 78. He asked for a US calling plan and was told he could add it on by calling *611.
As you know it is not just that easy!! He does not text. He does not use the internet on his new cell phone. He did not register on your web site and would never have found the 10TNT code that he would need. Your web site does say that this could be done at any Koodo location. Well he asked and they didnt do it, they just told him to call *611. SHAME ON YOU!!!! dont you have grandparents?

My idea is for you to train your staff on how to deal with older customers. Some of us did not own a computer until we were a senior. And some never have. And we will still be around for the next 40 or 50 years.
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He didn't need to register on the website to look up the how to add roaming addons. If you even google it, it's the second link and shows all the various ways to add the add-ons, including text. The reps were probably trying to save him $10 because if they had done it, he would of been charged a service fee because it can be done on self-serve and even right on your phone. If he doesn't mind being charged a fee for calling in to make changes, he should tell them he's okay with the charges as he doesn't use self-serve/text codes (for roaming add-ons). My grandparents can text as well as many I know. Texting is very simple thing to do even if you've never done it before. Reps should probably just take more time in explaining these things to senior customers.
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I agree with Ahmad Renata. We live is a self serve world. Even cashiers at stores are disappearing.:-) your father will pick up how to text in seconds.
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The other side of the coin could be a marketing opportunity: seniors are usually very loyal people and love to belong to something. If Koodo offered two free plan changes per year to seniors or made some other concession, they would be gaining customers for life.

Eyesight and typing acumen don't improve with age after a point. As it is, most carriers have dropped the senior-friendly phones such as Doro.

I have friends in their 70's who are still on wireless plans they signed up for 10 years ago because it suits their lifestyle and they are resistant to change. They are nevertheless profitable for the carriers, because most don't use a lot of minutes or bandwidth.
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Seniors are too well off in this country as is. They don't need to be given more discounts. They make not much less than the average Canadian, but have up to 50% less expenses making them better off than most others in the country.
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I DID say it was a marketing idea.

Youngsters are too well off in this country as is. They don't need to be given more tax breaks....

But for real, sooner or later everyone grows up and finds themselves in a different position. Roll with the punches rather than fighting every single one.
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"Seniors are too well off in this country as is."

A very small percentage in this country is "too well off", regardless of age.

How do you magically reduce your expenses by 50% by becoming a senior?
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Boils down to marketing. Koodo targets a younger audience who (20's) who wish to upgrade regularly. No disrespect to seniors here but I mean if you get a fellow senior citizen who hasn't touched a computer assistance might be required.
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If you want table service for your meal, you would likely not choose McDonalds. If you want the services and support of a top tier wireless provider, then you have the opportunity to acquire services with Telus, rather than Koodo. Different strokes for different folks.
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Hey Renata,

Sorry to hear about your father's experience. We want to make sure all customers get great service from our team. I will be letting our team know about your feedback. Thanks for submitting the idea!

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