Does Koodo offer home phone service with a smart hub or something?

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A friend told me that Koodo does offer home phone over the cell network. But I can't find home phone service on Koodo's web site.
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Posted 4 years ago

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Your friend is misinformed. Koodo doesn't do any wireless home phone service.

You're thinking of Rogers/Fido. They're identically priced at $25 ($10 if you're already their customer) for unlimited Canada-wide calls and call display/voicemail included. Optional features are $10 for 5,000 US minutes, and $2 for Call forwarding, call waiting, conference calling. There's a few international add-ons too.

Fido is the better one because it has no limitations on eligibility. Rogers stipulates that you cannot be in their cable footprint to get the service.
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Logically speaking, if you can't find a service on Koodo's website, that means they do not offer it.
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Just picked up a promo from the Koodo store for Wireless Home Phone! Cost is $20/month, plus $50 for hub & sim card.  (June 7/16)
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I see little point in Koodo offering tablets for sale. Unless you mean data only sims?
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I mean tablets. I commute a lot, and I often find that my favourite device for reading news or watching videos is one with a larger screen.
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Koodo doesn't subsidize devices anymore. The best you can get is up to 50 dollars off, and it's usually less. That's why I see little point.
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I have no problem paying off a tablet in installments a la the current tab system. The service may not be for everyone but Fido and Virgin have both shown that there is a market for it. It may not be up your alley, but it hurts nobody to at least have the choice available.
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Koodo can barely sell phones online and don't offer data only plans either. I don't see the point of them offering this service until they can sell all phones online, especially when it will most likely be very limited demand
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I'm curious to learn why folks would choose to have a cellular-based home phone instead of a landline?  What advantages do you see of one or the other?

I see advantage in having two forms of network connectivity, as if one fails, the other is there as a backup. 

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We used both Google Voice and FreePhoneLine with an Obi device and the echo was just terrible. I do believe that might the problem with the Obi though, I went in their forums back when and it seemed very common.

However there is an additional problem with VOIP: we live in the boonies and can't have a local number. Meaning that having a virtual number is more hassle than it's worth and we quite happy to more than half our bill for all our calling, at least we can keep the number we've had forever...
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Get a magic Jack  ~$20/yr
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You are responding to a three years old thread, Tim. Since then Koodo does offer the wireless home phone - we use it and are very happy with it.
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why Koodo remove  the promo plan in Quebec $55 for 8gb, but fido and virgin still has it.  I did call Koodo to see if they still offer or reinstead these promo.. the lady said no longer exist.. and she doesn't mine, I bring my three account to fido or virgin
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What does that have to do with this thread? Yo9u should start a new one. I guess it was a promo plan for Koodo and now it's over. It is more data for a little less than Koodo's current 6gb plan in QC, so if it's a better fit for you, what can we say?
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For those of you who are unfamiliar with this company, please understand that little Koodu is owned by one of the largest companies in Western Canada-Telus Corp. Still small compared to your behemeth companies down East. Hopefully Telus will stand up and offer Koodu customers outstanding service across Canada and stop trying to hide its innocence. Please Telus you cant grow unless your customers are happy. Prove you are the best and and make the two rats on top fearful. Your VP of Marketing should be loaned to the big boys to see if he can stem there growth. 
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And the reason you decided to post this comment on a three-month-dead thread about koodo home phone service would be...
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TELUS is one of the largest companies in Canada, not just Western Canada.
Also, you can see "Koodo is a trade name of TELUS Communications Company" on the first page of a Koodo bill.

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