Does "unlimited evening and weekend" include any calls within Canada?

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Just got my phone bill - $400. I am guessing the answer is
No. :*(

I’ve been with Koodo for many years and just recently changed my phone bill to $25/month to “save” money since I am back in school. With a $400 bill due in the next 15 days, I failed... miserably. (sorry Mom)

From my knowledge, Koodo is and always has been Canada-wide (Which is awesome!). And being directed by a representative to change my plan to the $25 one, (understanding my circumstances of needing to call home often and being broke) I feel a bit neglected and betrayed by my most favorite phone company! I shouldn’t have just assumed the word “unlimited” meant that I could call home on evenings and weekends anytime I wanted. I know this a cost of my own stupidity (good thing I am back at school) and I know I could have checked my account activity at any point, but finding time to do so between writing papers and reading didn’t cross my mind! (Yes, I am taking time now to write this instead of writing my term paper...changing priorities as of now)

Bottom line is... can I be directed to the fine print? So I can imprint it into my brain that there is no way around this, then call Koodo in hopes that someone will comfort me verbally and tell me this will all be OK.

P.S Koodo is still a great company and thank you for taking the time to read this. Lesson learnt: read the fine print, check your account and don’t trust the man named Ronald. (Disclaimer: I made up the name Ronald since I don’t know who the representative was and I don’t want to categorize everyone at Koodo under one man’s the end, I am at fault)

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  • hurt and alone

Posted 2 years ago

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Ouch sorry that happened to you Nina but yeah your plan is local.

It doesn't say CANADA Wide anywhere and it's discussed in the details (nitty gritty).

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Your plan does include Unlimited Canada-wide Family Calling. The stipulations: Calls must be made and completed within Canada. Applies to calls made between phones on the same account. This may be a cost effective solution worth looking into.
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Thank you! I will look into this for sure. I suppose that is what Ronald was trying to explain to me, and I must have misinterpreted it.
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I'm sorry to hear about your experience. As a long-time student I can certainly empathize with your situation.

May I suggest you look into VoIP solutions like Fongo, which allow you to call for free over a data connection? Obviously I don't suggest using this over mobile data, but surely you have constant access to WiFi as a student?

And as a faculty member, I commend you on your dedication to your studies. But remember to take a break every once in a while for your own well-being.

And we're always here to help you with phone-related issues in the future.
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Hope ya got a break on your bill .
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Ya check out Hangouts app. You can use it to call free all the time if you have WiFi.
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I came back to say, after being on the phone with Koodo, they really did cradle me and made everything OK. Round of applause for the whole company going above and beyond to helping their customers out. A

I did change my plan to the $30, which I was told now IS Canada-wide. (Can I confirm this for the again, just so there is no misunderstanding on my part - If I call long distance within Canada, evenings and weekends...It's free? And what about incoming calls on evenings and weekends?)

I will still look into the online options as well!

Thanks again :) 
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Yes it is unlimited Canada-wide evenings & weekends as you describe, plus your 100 daytime Canada-wide minutes. Here's the quote from the website Nitty Gritty:
For Canada-wide plan, unlimited Canada-wide calling from 5pm to 8am, Monday through Thursday, and 5pm Friday to 8am Monday.

Very happy Koodo was able to come through for you.
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Nina A

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I hate to be back with bad news but I am... with bill #2

Last time around I changed my plan immediately to the $30 plan. After much confirmation that it is a Canada-wide plan as well as it would not take away from my minutes on evenings at weekends, I am left with a $208 bill. My minutes were 41/100. And my charges are for long distance? I can really use this money towards food or even possibly enjoying a single beer after this point I am a bit flustered and confused, any guidance would be much appreciated. I obviously suck at phone billing.
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I will ask someone to look into this for you.
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If you look at the dates for the LD charges, are you certain that they were incurred AFTER you changed to the Canada wide plan?
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Nina A

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No, you are correct. After looking, they incurred before I changed my plan, and the billing cycle started on the 25th. So the charges were carried over? In total, if my charges weren't waved in the beginning, I was looking at spending $600 on my $25 plan...big oops!
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Hi Nina - I was unable to retrieve an account matching your name or email address. Mind sending us a private message on Facebook, so we can authenticate you as an authorized user/account holder and take a look into this?
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Hi! I don't have Facebook, I use a different email address for my Koodo account. 

I spoke to a representative and they somewhat explained (still super confused) that it was the fault of the previous agent who didn't notify me of these "unbilled" charges. I guess my bill cycle started from the 25th of September. That being said, I assume that there was no way to avoid these charges, and being unaware of them I was in shock of receiving my bill.

My plan was initiated on October 4th. And after checking online and seeing that I haven't been overusing or overspending this billing cycle, I hope that I will finally receive the lovely amount of $30 that I initially signed up to receive. Until then, I will be living off vegetables, which I suppose will help save the planet from one less person consuming meat which emits so much N2O and CH4. So in a positive outlook, Koodo is saving the planet by promoting vegetarians. As much as I was upset at the beginning, once again...Thanks Koodo.
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Veggies are great! :-)  If you are in TO or ever come here, check out . One my faves.