Does Koodo use all of the Bell towers, or do they just use some of them? Are Bell & Koodo coverage areas exactly the same?

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So I know that Koodo uses the Bell and Telus towers. Presently, I am a Bell customer, but am enticed by Koodo. I like the areas of service that I get with Bell. When I spoke to a Bell loyalty rep, and suggested that Koodo coverage should be the same as Bell coverage from using the same towers, she suggested that in actuality, Bell does not give access to all of their towers to Koodo, implying that the coverage areas would not be as complete. I'm not sure whether to believe this or not, but would love to hear the Koodo response.
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Posted 3 years ago

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Exactly, Koodo originally uses Telus towers but in some areas (Not All) where Telus network is poor we use Bell towers, but this is very rare, many places such as Nunavut or only accessible if you are with Bell or a Bell owned company.
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If you look through southern Ontario, and other places on this map, you can see locations where it is likely that Telus and Bell do not share towers, and likely have different reception patterns.
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My understanding is that Telus builds the network in the western provinces, while Bell builds it in the eastern provinces. In the Greater Toronto Area, from my understanding Koodo and Telus members use the Bell network.
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Although I do not know about Bell coverage, what you can do is look at our coverage maps and that will give you a guide of coverage in your area.
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Thanks, although one thing I have learned over the years is to not fully trust coverage area maps from anyone, as there are always dead zones. My issue is that in Nova Scotia, where I have really good coverage with Bell, and I am concerned if I would get the same coverage with Koodo, or if there would be more holes. My understanding is that Telus uses Bell towers for the most part in Nova Scotia too.
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If that's the case, you should definitely consider a switch.
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I live south of Ottawa near Smiths Falls Ontario. I have had NO luck with anything other than Bell for service in our rural area. I want to go to Koodo . Can you tell me if Koodo has coverage along Hwy. 29 between Ottawa and Brockville? I'm renewing in February and need to have all the facts. Few years back Rogers said they had coverage here and when I got the phone NOTHING! And they refused to take the hone back. I had to pay for a phone I never used for 2 years. I'm hoping to avoid this happening again.
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HI Michelle...can't speak directly for your area, but my experience with Koodo has been great, in that wherever Bell and Telus has coverage, have gotten Koodo coverage along with it.
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Koodo uses Bells towers so if you have luck with Bell you should also have luck with Koodo.
Here's a cell tower map for the region you mentioned:
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Michelle.  You can also talk to your friends, co-worker and neighbors if anybody using Koodo and  ask them how is their reception/connection.
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There was a time, during the Capt. Kirk flip-phone era, that Bell's coverage map in Quebec had a tiny disclaimer on the bottom in about as small a print as you could image saying that "Service in Quebec is provided by Telus".

I would think that many legacy services (voice, early data) are common to Bell and Telus since they have had infrastructure sharing deals for quite a while. Where it will get trickier is in the newer spectrum & technology areas. Market is now more competitive, so no free rides on newer frequencies or technologies.

Especially now that inter-carrier roaming is more or less compulsory, basic service that each carrier covers will be pretty well flat. But nobody is obliged to share a new assigned frequency or technology with another carrier.
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From Bell's website:
Look at the tower count. By "Competitor B", they mean "Our dear friend TELUS".

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Kingston has very iffy Koodo service. Several dead zones downtown. I've written to them but gotten no reply on these issues. Its a big problem for my business.