Do I have to send my phone in to get it fixed?

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Samsung Galaxy Ace-

My phone gets to a point where it says that the memory is full when it is not. At this point I would do a factory reset, but the last time I did one was two weeks ago, It is happening again and I shouldn't have to do another one for another couple of months. Since this is happening again so soon, should I send my phone in to get it fixed?
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Posted 5 years ago

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If your phone is under warranty, you can send it away for repair.

The memory full refers to the internal memory storage, not the memory card. So you would have to transfer some items to the memory card. There is no minimum length of time to wait to do a factory reset. You can do one at any time. I recommend doing one at least once a month to help clear out any junk.
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I know there is no period of time, i just wait until this happens again to do it but it should not be doing it so soon. My phone is just out of warranty, october was the last month for that. I really do not want to have to do another factory reset, its so annoying to have to re-add all the numbers and contacts.
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That's why you add a gmail account to the phone, so you can back up that information to the gmail address then when you add it into the phone after a factory reset, it loads that information.

You can still send it away for repair, but you will have to pay for it since the phone is out of warranty.
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What is taking so much place if you go into storage settings?
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You can check at any time the amount of storage (memory) left on your phone by going to Settings > Storage. It will give you a breakdown of what is consuming your storage space. If the numbers don't add up to your total, then you may have defective memory that is not usable (it's also possible that you have exhausted your read/write cycles on your flash memory storage, but usually that will not occur until 4 or 5 years of average use). Keep in mind that the Android OS consumes approximately 3GB of space that is not included in the breakdown.

Next time you get the memory full message, take a look at the storage consumption and see what is taking up all that space.
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Enough of this.

Please buy a new phone with higher internal memory. The Ace is bottom of the barrel Android and there are far better devices out these days running newer software and have upgraded hardware that won't break the bank - Moto G is the best bang for your buck phone at the moment and is free on small Tab until Dec 2nd, the HTC Desire 601is a nicely designed phone with good build quality, front facing speakers, a decent camera, and removable battery/expandable storage. It's only $300 or free on a medium Tab.

Then there's the Nexus 4, which is a lot of phone for the $300 price tag and will get updates faster.
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Maybe Tayor doesn't want to be forced to pay out his negative tab balance(if Taylor has one).
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I'm not really sure I understand the problem here. Your phone isn't broken and doesn't require repair or warranty. This phone has very little internal storage. Only about 180MB of internal storage checking specs of this phone.

You don't have to factory reset your phone when the memory fills up. Just delete some pics/videos, etc to clear up space. Though with such little space to start, you have to clear up space often. Also, apps could easily fill up that space quite quickly.

Like someone said earlier, go to settings --> storage to see a breakdown of what is using up space.
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Bingo! That's exactly it Bob. The Galaxy Ace is notorious for this. This is not a reparable issue.

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