Do TELUS customer get priority on the network?

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Some TELUS reps say that because Koodo is a discount brand, TELUS customers get priority over Koodo customers on the network; i.e. fewer dropped calls, faster data speeds

Is this true? If this is not true, why are these reps making up false statements about the company they work for?

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Posted 2 years ago

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I dont think its 100% true, no. My dad has a telus account, and me a Koodo, I have zero dropped calls vs his almost daily, and my data speeds in the exact same spot are usually faster. My dropped calls were usually out by the lake.
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100% not true. It's urban legend....maybe the rep is misinformed.

What locations was this at?
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TELUS Loyalty Department.

Aren't they like top-level, non-outsourced customer service reps since it's your last chance to keep a customer who is thinking of cancelling, and they should know better?
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Your phone also plays a big part in signal strength and connection speed.
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If the network quality (talk, text and data) is good enough for you, then it is not necessary to find out whether there is a so-called priority or not. People may have different answers.
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In this case an official Koodo employee replied. If they were lying, they could be liable. Therefore, no matter how many different answers you may hear, the truth is that there is no distinction between Telus or Koodo service.
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Just to add, I haven't noticed a difference between Public Mobile connection and speeds compared to Telus or Koodo either, Telus definitely seems to not give preferential treatment to any other their brands under the Telus umbrella. Basically they have 3 carriers to help fit ppls different needs which is pretty great IMO.
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It's true. That's why you can have two people in the same spot with the same device, one on Telus and the other on Koodo or Public Mobile and one might not have cellular reception (or spotty) and the other with the premium provider have no issue. Think about it, the carrier has to make up for the lower cost too. 

T-Mobile in the USA admitted to network prioritization for their T-Mobile customers. We don't want to believe it, we would rather believe comforting lies than unpleasant truths.
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Your evidence seems to be a combination of "somebody once told me" and "it should be obvious to anyone". Don't necro ancient threads just to try and revive old conspiracy theories.