Disappointed in koodo big time!

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As of right now nothing, koodo has been a huge let down, they F*ed my boyfriends credit, he missing his payment by no more then 2 days and in return the chma wont give us a mortgage due to koodo... who would think missing a payment by a day or 2 would put you into collections over 60 bucks....... I could see if it was 100/200 and so on but 60 bucks.... thanks for f*ing us for getting a house koodo, I think you guys are right up there with Rogers! You guys just set a new record..... wonder how many other ppl you messed over for something soo small, pretty sad ppl with Bell can rack up their bills to past 800 and have nothing happen but 60 buck oh no koodo isn't having it. you guys make me sick beyond disappointed in you
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Posted 5 years ago

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Do you realize you posted that as praise?
Also it's not Koodo who influences your boyfriend's credit, he did that himself by paying late - obviously beyond the grace period and without consulting Koodo first.
Let's turn it around, over a measly $60 your boyfriend chose to wreck his credit rating... which will probably follow him for years to come. Sad, really :( And no that is not Koodo's fault at all.
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Couldn't have put it better myself.
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This may have been a blessing in disguise as if you are late with your mortgage payment you are on the path to lose your house. This was totally preventable by simply paying the bill on time.
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Even if you are going to be late for a payment most companies are completely reasonable about it IF you call them to inform of the lateness and when it will get paid
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Oh Please I have never ran into another company that is so damn quick at reporting there customers to credit bureau. All of you people out there who are throwing these sarcastic remarks around don't be so quick. You may want to check your own credit report. I am appalled by how quickly they are willing to ruin your credit rating. All of us, OK let's say us lesser than perfect peones screw uponce in a while.
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The OP is mistaken on how credit hits work. You have to be late more than 30 days before a report is sent to the credit bureau. There is no one to blame but the OP's boyfriend for not paying the bill on time. That is the obligation that he agreed to when he signed onto Koodo.
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Also, it's going to take more than 1 single late payment to be denied a mortgage for a house. I recommend getting a credit report done and review what else he has outstanding.
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Most people also don't realize that the 25 day period between the billing date and the due date is already a grace period. If you pay on the due date you are already 25 days late. 5 days after that you're over 30 days late and get reported to the credit bureau. If you actually did get sent to collections then you were significantly more than a few days late. Koodo doesn't send accounts to collections until they've been in arrears for at least 6 months.
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You really want anyone to believe that a $60 late payment issue screwed his credit rating for a mortgage loan? Lol Seriously...give your head a shake. My guess is...you werent getting the mortgage loan anyway. Credit rating already was very poor.....consider it a blessing....improve your credit rating...learn how to use credit the right way .......and you may not be foreclosed on in under 5 years
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If one $60 late charge can kill your credit rating it must have been right on the borderline to start with. It's not my place to say this but maybe it's best to build up your credit for a while, save a few bucks for a bigger down payment and buy when you can really afford it. You want to be able to keep that house when you buy it, right?

Err... I guess I just said what Jim said above... but nicer. :)
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Classic example of Koodo being blamed for something that an individual does not want to take responsibility for...

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