Dear KOODO, Please fix your website.

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You really need to update your site to make it less confusing. Every time I come onto this site I get furiously frustrated and give up. I've gotten every reason in the books as to why I am unable to log in; either there is a problem with the site, my email is invalid (when it is), I already have an account (when I should not because it fails every time I attempt to register), and now it keeps asking me to update my email when I LITERALLY JUST DID THAT. Also, I am trying to update my account so that I am able to get the limited time offer of 2GB data for 60$/month, which I was notified about through a text with you. I cannot for the life of me find out where or how to do this. Your site is confusing and ill managed, I have spoken to several other people who have agreed and told me the same thing. If you are going to have deals you need to allow your customers to access them easier. These kind of issues make me want to leave the company all together frankly. I have to pay 2$ extra/ month for a phone bill simply because your site is lousy and at this point, even if I was able to log in I would NEVER trust an electronic method of payment with you. I would definitely not be pleased if I had an overdue bill because of your sites mismanagement. I understand that this is a subjective account and there MUST be other people who do not have these issues and can pay online otherwise I would question the existence of such a feature. However being that my experience with you has not changed over the last ten years and I have heard many similar accounts to mine I would highly suggest an overhaul to your website or at least making help more accessible and things more clear.
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Posted 5 years ago

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If you are only seeing the change email page this means your login is setup as an account manager instead of the account owner. Manager logins need to be approved by the account owner before they can view any account features. If there is no owner profile yours can never be approved, which is why you keep seeing this page. Call customer service. This issue needs to be fixed on the back end.
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The thing that gets to me is "my experience with you has not changed over the last ten years"... Koodo launched in 2008. It's only been 5, my friend.

I haven't had any issues with Self Serve. I changed my plan to that $60 promo, too. Besides what Timo mentioned, I think you need to give it some time to navigate.
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When your having an issue with anything with Koodo's service or your phone just come here and ask all of us and your issue will always be solved as Timo has done for you right away, there's no need to keep trying on your own if your not getting it then getting frustrated and writing a big rant as it just takes up time that can be used enjoying your phone like all of us here who have never had issues what so ever with Koodo their phones or their service.
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Once this all gets straightened away, you can opt for paperless billing and drop the $2 paper bill fee. I understand your concerns toward electronic billing, I too have experienced a couple of issues with billing in the past, but it was nothing that couldn't be resolved with either a phone call or asking for assistance through this community.

If there's ever a genuine mistake made on Koodo's part, more often than not, they will do their very best to remedy the situation. I'm not here to plug Koodo in this instance, I'm simply speaking from personal experience and the fact that I've been a customer for over three years.
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Even the best of us needs some help sometimes is the moral of this story

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