Data plans need to be revamped to be more balanced, and more fairly priced.

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You need to reevaluate your roaming data plans. 3 days / 10 bucks gives you 25 mb, and .40 cents per extra mb. 30 days / 40 bucks gives you - nothing? Just a .40 cents per extra mb. No included data at all for 40 dollars? Issue 2 with that is that rate is pretty outrageous - you should be able to negotiate a better deal with american providers. I get 2 GB included with my 57 dollar a month plan. At .40 cents per mb, that has a value of 800 bucks at that outrageous rate. Or, without a plan, it's 3 bucks per mb, where 2 gb would cost 6 thousand dollars. Seriously. Six. Thousand. For what I get as part of a 57 dollar bundle. There is no way that your agreement with any american cell phone company would be at that kind of rate. There is profit margins, and there is predatory business practices. Time to work on this one to make it more fair.
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Posted 5 years ago

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You should really mention roaming in your title, as your idea is about roaming packages only.
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And better use of your dots "." and spacing haha!
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Hi Joel,

Usually Roaming packages are there to help you out, imagine going to the USA without one, the values you would have given in your post will be three times as much. If you are a heavy user and need alot of data while travelling to the USA. Have you considered buying data sticks or MiFi Hotspot devices in the USA through Verizon or AT&T where you can tether the data to your smartphone?
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I tried to get a AT&T data plan for my iPad when visiting the U.S.A. a couple years back. I couldn't because I didn't have a credit card with a U.S. address. I could buy the SIM but I couldn't activate it. Has this changed? I didn't really want to mess around with prepaid credit cards where you fake the address.

On the other hand I paid cash for my prepaid T-Mobile SIM and was able to tether that to my iPad. At the time it worked very slowly (2G) but this may have changed since then. I know the specific feature of that plan has changed since then.
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While I don't necessarily disagree with your opinion that cellular data charges are too high, I must ask, what are you doing with your smartphone that you need that much data while roaming?

The 40 dollar bundle isn't just for data, it combines the two other 30-day add-ons and throws in an improved rate for data on top.

Anyway, it's mostly a moot point because come December the new wireless code will go through and roaming charge will not be allowed to exceed $100 per billing cycle. I don't know what this will mean for what you're allowed to do while roaming but probably if you get that high in usage while roaming your roaming services will be disabled until the end of the billing cycle.
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You will get a warning message that said you are at the the $100 limit and you have to approve anything further
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If anyone is to blame, it's the roaming partners outside of Canada. They set the roaming rate for other providers to use their network.
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I totally agree with Joel Park. the data is chewed up with emails and even very limited maps and google-ing. it is a real profit center for the phone companies because people are used to using their smart phone for research and emails. I travel to the states periodically and even with cautious use of my phone, the cost of data explodes.
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It's crazy how it's almost impossible to track down any information that shows exactly what the cost to carriers is when they provide international roaming.

I'm sure it's dependent on the specific agreement(s) in place with their international partners, but it's so hard to track down anything that ballparks what the rates actually are. The closest thing I could find was a report out of Australia and it claimed the markup was upwards of 1000%.
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I am cancelling with Koodo after a year of a phone that never worked right finally got a new one then talked to rep. And decided to get a new one with a plan for better data they said I hardly used any no get notice that I am getting charged for using too much data . do not download anything. and 2 he's on the phone with a rep that went off on me I have had enough
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Lil Jon: WHAT?!
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Starfox is unimpressed with that reference and finds it rather offensive. It's like saying Lil Wayne has talent...
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Not really lol
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Well, they both shouldn't have joined the music yes :P

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