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I wish Koodo would offer a the option of a data plan only for a cell phone. I am a single parent in a city with no family at all and would love my 8 yr old to have a cell phone with a data only plan so she can text me or anyone in her emergency contact list. I just can't afford a 2nd phone at 20 some bucks a month, but if we could get a simple data plan only...or if you could offer a very basic, inexpensive cell phone plan for 2nd phones....
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Darcy Murray

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Posted 5 years ago

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Koodo is not planning yet to offer Data plans only in the next future, all his plans include Canada wide plans (Unlimited text messaging, data, & Talk). I hope that it'll come with Data Plans only.
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It would be nice and alot of people have been asking for it.
its not much under 20$ but Koodo does have a 15$ unlimited text plan for prepaid.
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Just get a prepaid plan for for child. It comes with unlimited texting and cost $15 only. If you have an old phone from koodo you don't even have to buy a new one. It will work as long as you get a new sim card.
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Guys, she meant a "Texts" or SMS only plan.

Darcy, prepaid offers unlimited Texts for 15$. Check it out !
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Darcy Murray

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Why not? I'd feel a lot better if she has a way to ask for help if something happens, and as long as she can text her emergency contact or dial 911, a data plan is all she needs. She won't need an actual cell phone for a few years.
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I think your terminology is confused a bit. A data plan would allow her access to the Internet. What you are talking about is included in even the most basic cell plan koodo offers. For 15$ prepaid, you get unlimited messaging and access to 911
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Just for you to know, I'm pretty sure any cell phone that can get a signal can dial 911, even without any plan. For texting, however, you need a plan. If it is only for emergency texting some other providers have a cheaper annual prepaid rate with a much higher per usage fee ... That being said, I understand kids use texting like talking so an unlimited Koodo prepaid texting plan might be better. If you need data afterwards you can add it when needed so long as you keep your base plan paid up.
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Yeah that's true about 911. We keep an old cdma phone in the car just for that.
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I would never allow any kid data only access. The amount of the bill would be huge. Then you have the angry parents calling in, etc etc etc. It's too much of a hassle, just better off to not offer data only plans.

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