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How about coming up with a little more going to pay off the tab faster for customers that have been with Koodo after three years ,That way they could not only upgrade but could do it without going to deep into their pockets . Or koodo could just gift customers who have been with the company more then three years a new phone without any charge ,as an appreciation gift for being loyal.
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I think yours (asked in many different ways & words) is the most requested feature, Norma :) Let's hope Koodo listens to their customers :)
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Norma Nj Hemphill

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great idea...incentive to stay with koodo (not that i would consider switching anyway) but not all customers have a sense of loyalty...
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Delana Jones

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Thats a great idea..i've been with koodo going on 4 yrs and would love to get some rewards for being a loyal customer.
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Why can't people just be happy that they still have service instead of wanting rewards for staying with a company? Does a landlord reduce rent if you live there for a few years? Probably not.

However, I do agree with loyalty rewards to a point...

If you have no intention to leave, there should be no logical reason to offer anything. I original post is still under consideration.
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I agree with you, once again Mat lol

Assuming the account is in good standing for the 3 years, this would be excellent. Of course if they are late on rare occasions, that shouldn't be held against them.
If an account has been suspended for non payment, late many times, there is no reason to give anything as loyalty.
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The $150 tab takes longer than 3 years to pay off for half of Koodo's plans.

And happy that I still have service? Seriously? Why wouldn't I have service for something that I pay for? To use your landlord analogy (which I disagree with), that'd be like saying "be happy I still allow you to live here" despite the fact that I pay my rent on time.

I don't intend to leave Koodo anytime soon, but if other companies are constantly bombarding me with special offers to make the switch than it just might happen (providing that A - that company's offer is better than what Koodo's offering and B - that the company is in no way part of Rogers Communications). That's how Koodo got me as a customer. It'd be only logical that someone else could whisk me away from Koodo.

The point here isn't that any of us are unsatisfied with what we have now, but rather that Koodo should work just as hard to maintain its subscriber base as they do to attract new subs.
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totally agree with you philosoraptor...we aren't constantly being bombarded with "fanatasticoffers" of a new place to live as we are with mobile providers...incentives are good....(& hey, i've lived in towns where you are offered incentives for renting in one place over months rent, rent, sorry starfox, i have to disagree with you on this one)
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Yes, Philosorator. Seriously. I do see the non-greedy people's point of view, though.
Before Koodo, I was with my provider for at least a decade and I didn't expect squat from them for being as loyal as I was. Paid my bills on time, never complained about anything. I saw no reason to ask for a reward for staying. So the landlord analogy was a fail, I'll admit that. After lingering on the community and see how so many people want something for sticking around, how do we know everyone is up to date on thier bills? How do we know some of the people are not credit seekers?
Tyler C made a good point that I will retract some of what I said. Do a history check on the customers that are 3 years or more. If they have a history of being or something negative like that, no reward.
As for the opnes who have been keeping everything up to date and such, reward them for sure.
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I know it's not really a loyalty thing but when I get a customer calling in about one thing or another and I see the tenure they have been with Koodo, I do try to do something to show appreciation. I remember one time I gave a woman a $10 credit and she was quite excited about it. A little too excited but still very grateful. Loyalty rewards could be something small or something big depending. I do that often and as a result, they are thankful. Until Koodo has "official" rewards for loyalty, Ill keep doing what I do. I enjoy making the customers happy even if I don't personally agree with them.
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It doesn't matter how many "loyalty perks" are offered, people are greedy and it'll never be enough. I don't think that's a can of worms Koodo wants to open.
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Excellent point, mattjs. I don't like when these kind of suggestions are so callously dismissed by certain members of the community. I for one make such suggestions because I happen to like Koodo and want my chosen provider to be more competitive.
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@ Norma

We'll have to agree to disagree. IMO any plan Koodo has you can find something comparable with another provider, maybe not for EXACTLY the same price, but it'll be in the general ballpark. Regarding Koodo apparently offering "way better service", I also have to disagree. They offer about the same service as anyone else. But that's even misleading, considering you don't get access to services like Visual Voicemail, International Travel Packs, Mobile TV, Carrier App Billing, etc etc etc. So with Koodo you're actually getting less services, for about the same price. I'm not trying to knock koodo or anything, I'm glad you're happy with the service, I'm somewhat satisfied myself, but Koodo doesn't really offer any discernible value compared to what you'd get elsewhere. Maybe their customer service is friendlier, it's great they had such a positive impression with you.

@ Philosoraptor

Cheers! I'd like Koodo to be the best carrier in this country as well. IMO it's pretty easy to accomplish that, you need to have 1) the best device lineup, 2) access to the most features, and 3) price your plans so they have the best value. The problem with Koodo imo is they aren't an independently owned and operated carrier. They exist exclusively to hedge Telus against Rogers' and Bells' discount brands. Together, these three carriers have an Oligopoly on the wireless market in this country, without competition, and simply mimic eachothers plans in order to protect the billions of dollars they profit each quarter. Their just simply isn't any reason for Koodo to be "more competitive". I understand why they do this, and I don't blame them in the slightest. It's just the reality of operating in a market with zero comparable competition.
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Garry Mowat

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What I really, REALLY want to see is the ability to add a 5 or even 10 GB data package to my plan.

I have a double up promo that gives me 2GB and I find I'm using it up since my home Internet isn't working anymore (the lines are screwed and I can't get Telus to fix them when I'm home).

Having to pay an extra $25/month on top of my plan for an extra GB or so is a lot of money.

I could easily get another phone with a different carrier for a data only package and have far more data than 2+1 GB (all Koodo when I could have 2GB Koodo+5GB elsewhere).

I find the customer service is pretty good, even though I have to call to get an error fixed from time to time (again on this bill). The most important thing for me is to have access to far more data for a reasonable price. 5-10GB plus unlimited calling and the rest for $75-80 would thrill me to no end.

I suspect I'm not the only one who feels this way, so please make it happen Koodo.
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Highly doubt you're going to see higher data packages. Remember that Koodo is a discount brand. It's rare for them to offer anything beyond 2GB. If you find yourself going over, you may want to consider limiting what you are doing.
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Garry Mowat

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Would if I could but the way things are I need the extra. $20-25/month for a GB is a little steep for my taste.
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I've had my phone 3 years, at the rate I'm going it will be 6 before the tab is paid off. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I could have gotten the same phone from a different carrier, $0 on a 3 year contract.
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You must have a very low monthly bill if that is the case. That's a pretty sweet plan if you need so little, but not good for killing your Tab.

With the introduction of new Tab plans I saw that any Tab is wiped clean after 2 years, regardless of the amount left outstanding. That seems like a pretty good deal, when one can get a high end mobile and have it discounted with the Tab and then further discounted by the monthly bill. To have the remainder of the Tab forgiven, as will happen with my 2nd iPhone 5 (broke the first and had to buy a new one), is a nice loyalty reward. I think I'll end up saving an extra $140 this way, for an overall $300 off the phone.

Maybe your old Tab also benefits from the 2 year wiped clean policy. I'd suggest calling someone and asking, likely someone senior. After all, you've been with Koodo for 3+ years.
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No. Tabs prior to july 17, 2013 are not part of the new tab set up. any upgrades as of that same date are part of the 2 year tab situation.
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sick idea, this would really help

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