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Im a tourist here staying for 6 months. Can I get a phone monthly contract with just my Italian passport?
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viviana proietti

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Posted 4 years ago

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Sophia, Mobile Master

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Hmmmmmmmmm good question viviana! I'm actually not entirely sure if you can get a plan as a visitor. You need two pieces of ID and I would imagine that one of them should be Canadian, such as a driver's licence or permanent residence card.

You will always be able to get prepaid though!
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Benaam Badnaam

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yes tourist can get a postpaid connection with 30 days MCP (minimum contract period).

in legal terms ...even if you are 98 year old,canadian in canada for five generations have always have had 30days mcp with almost every service you have had your entire life .

you singed up for a random service on 16th of november , when you bill came out ----you paid first (few/so many/some)days plus one billing cycle mcp..and when you canceled something they insist that you call them 30 days prior for cancellation or else they will charge you 1.50 a day or 2 $ for each day you can cancelling prior to 30 days cancellation policy ..

knowingly and/or unknowingly somewhere me you and everyone else have followed 30 days MCP ..its a monthly contract ..not a tab with 2 or 3 years . 30 days mcp

my question is why everyone is insisting on people having canadian ID's

any foreign passport plus imm1442 and some money can open bank account/credit card and drivers license why not a cellphone plan?
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This question had been answered by Jordan and numerous other individuals. It is possible. Is there some reason we are beating this dead horse?
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I believe you can get on regular Koodo plans but probably can't take a tab due to lack of credit check...if you bring your own phone unlocked you should be golden
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Not Jeff

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You would be unable to get service, as you require a Canadian SIN, Credit Card or Provincial Drivers License.

Those are the base requirements. Something a visitor usually does not obtain.

Because you are here for 6 months however, you might look at obtaining the drivers license of the province you'll be residing in. It might be something to look at because if you're here for 6 months, you'll probably be back!

Canada rocks.
Go leafs go.
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Benaam Badnaam

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nope not true ..
i had successfully managed to open a fido cellphone postpaid in 2006 with my backhome passport(photo id ) and canadian electricity bill (proof of address) at lawrence+markham . ported to koodo when koodo came along in early 2008 and change number when i moved to new city .... in-fact never had to go with general account opening validation situation so far ..
as long as you have a passport and address proof i don't see you have any trouble opening a postpaid account.

not sure if thats changed yet..
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Not Jeff

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It is definitely changed. The requirements for valid identification accepted by Koodo are:

The sales rep must view 2 pieces of customer ID and one must be photo ID"

1. Photo ID
- Canadian Passport
- Provincial ID*
- Department of Defense
- Native status card
- Canadian Work VISA

2. Credit Check ID (must be at least one of the below)
- Canadian Driver's Licence
- Canadian credit card
- SIN Card
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Ive been going through the FAQ Not Jeff, where did you copy this information from? I can't find it.
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Not Jeff

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This is a sheet listing acceptable ID that dealers have to ensure they follow the rules. May not be on FAQ or anything else.
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Jordan, Employee

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Hi Viviana,

My name is Jordan - I work on the Koodo team!

There are a couple options available to you:

If you already have your own phone (provided the phone is unlocked), you can sign up for a prepaid or monthly plan.

If you do not currently have a phone, your only option is to purchase a prepaid phone and sign up on a prepaid plan.

I advise to visit one of our Koodo Kiosks, as they can walk you through the various options and help you make the best decision!

Welcome to Canada, we're glad you're here to visit!
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Chad Burr, Mobile Master

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You can also buy a Koodo prepaid phone but use it on monthly plan without having to unlock it. You'd just need a monthly sim which you can pick up at a kiosk or retail partner.
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Chris Petersens

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That's a good one Chad!

That said, how do international students, there seem to be quite a lot here, get monthly plans with Koodo. It's not like they have a credit history.
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Ania Matulka

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Jordan this is not true that she can get a monthly plan, as I went to 2 different stores for koodo and they told me that I can not have monthly plan with my passport ID (I am not canadian) even I have Canadian Credit card or SIN.
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Benaam Badnaam

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Josie (Official Rep) 21 minutes ago
Hi everyone!! We've heard you loud and clear and want to clarify what's needed to activate on a monthly plan. Foreign passports are accepted as photo ID, combined with a Canadian Credit Card or SIN. If you don't have a Canadian credit card or SIN, you can provide landing paper or a buckslip from the Scotiabank StartRight program.

passport from any country is a valid ID. i am not sure how loud and clear i could be ..
i am attaching statement some other koodo employee in some other post
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Benaam Badnaam

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who said tourist can not get koodo post paid ?
if this was true then all tourist should go to some other country.or maybe ontario government should stop giving them drivers licences and electricity and hydro and not make my bite my tongue until it bleeds ..

tourist/visitors/students/ people with no credit score -----

please go to you bank with imm1442 and your passport which has valid entry stamp (canadian visa) money and have them open a checking account can also get 300$ to 1000$ secure mastercard with them (use it pay it)

refer to this link :

id A : 4. A Permanent Resident card IMM 5292 or Citizenship and Immigration Canada Form IMM 1000 or IMM 1442.;

id B : 5. A foreign passport

go to drive test location and get a G1 or G2 with your alien passport and imm1442 with bank statement and credit card .

when you have a DL and CC one at koodo will say NO to you then . everyone wants to make their life easy nowadays i see.
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Benaam Badnaam

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When don’t I have to provide my SIN?

Some private-sector organizations may ask for your SIN. This practice is strongly discouraged, but it is not illegal.

Here are examples of when you don’t have to give your Social Insurance Number:

11.subscribing to long-distance or cellular telephone services
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Cameron Jones

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Why does it matter if you're a tourist? You either pass a credit check or you don't. If I was a tourist, why would I want a monthly plan, prepaid would be the way to go.
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Because typically, a monthly plan has more value than prepaid.

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